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20 May 03

i think next season’s 24 needs a bit more prolonged drama.

oh good. the fire alarm retrofitters are coming back tomorrow morning. again i have no idea what it will entail, and i don’t so much wanna empty my closets again. i guess they’ll surprise me. hopefully i’ll at least avoid the greasiness exuded by the construction guys.

today was a bit reminiscent of last summer: staying at work 3 extra hours trying to finish something off. i left when i did so i could watch last week’s episode of 24 because the finale was tonight (and, might i add: Best. Show. Ever.)

so why was i at work late? i’ve been trying to solve this problem for 3 solid days now, and haven’t made any headway…it’s completely holding up my progress. i’ve never spent so long on something without fixing it. has anyone else had problems with winexit suddenly deciding to only automatically log off SOME computers? no? didn’t think so. and that’s enough of that.

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Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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