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17 May 03

i’m the kiss of death

i should stop cheering for hockey teams. it appears to be their kiss of death.

i saw the matrix last night, like everyone else in the world. i enjoyed it…not as much as the first one, but it was still pretty ok. that’s saying a lot since the first thing i thought after seeing the first one was “wow, i hope they don’t make a sequel”. i also dropped by the toucan for a little bit last night…it wasn’t the same.

friday night was danny michel at the grad club. i really enjoyed his solo show back in october, so i was looking forward to seeing him with a full band. they were quite good, but the crowd was the WORST crowd i’d ever seen. most were MBA students who couldn’t care less about the band, so they spent their time talking loudly and occasionally yelling at the band. it was clear that danny wasn’t overly enamoured with the crowd, and i can’t blame him. this was evidenced by his question to the crowd “how many of you are here because you’ve heard of me, and how many of you are just here for something to do?” the reaction was mixed.

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