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15 May 03

no, i do NOT circumcize teenagers

what’s going on? why did chumptastic have 111 visitors yesterday? i guess the word is out… i’m not sure WHAT word, but i’m hoping it’s the fuck word. it appears as though more search engines have indexed me finally, so maybe that’s the cause. regardless, 111 visitors is twice as many as i’m used to. good thing i don’t have much interesting to say or i might be faced with bandwidth concerns.

in other news, i unwittingly started a (kind of disgusting) debate about circumcision ages ago. freddyfromenfield is the most recent member of the interweb to weigh in on this always interesting issue. in all seriousness though, did people not even READ the post they’re replying to? it has nothing to do with circumcision!

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Date: 1883

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