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14 May 03

mmm, popcorn

looking at the title of the previous post, i’m reminded of the classic snl spoof of jeopardy, in which the category is “the pen is mightier”. of course, connery misreads it as “the penis mightier”.

anyway, a conversation with robin tonight about the crazy number of breakins around campus lately reminded me of my favourite ever posting on the queen’s security incidents page, from back in 1998:

June 28 Mackintosh-Corry Hall (02:10 pm): A custodial staff member called the ERC to report there was a male outside MacCorry, near the loading area, with his pants down. The individual had been collecting cigarette butts and was now standing in a tree picking cherries with his pants down and whistling at passing females. The Security Supervisor was dispatched and Kingston Police were asked to attend. The Security Supervisor attended and was joined shortly by a Kingston Police Officer. They approached the individual and asked what he was doing on Queen’s property. He replied that he was collecting cigarette butts because he eats them (remarking that they “taste like popcorn”). When asked why he’d had his pants down and about the whistling at females he denied doing anything of the sort. The male was served with a campus wide Notice of Prohibition by Campus Security and he said he would not return. The Kingston Police Officer reported they could not do anything because they did not catch him committing a criminal act.

i can just imagine the security guys in hysterics while typing that.

as an aside: this is only interesting to me, but for some reason i had more visitors yesterday (tuesday) than ever before. i’m still not in the slashdot or range, but 98 visits in a day is a whole lot for chumptastic. i’m guessing it was mostly people looking for info on john stamos and circumcizing teenagers.

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