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14 May 03

i needed some retrofitting

i think i have a new least favourite way to start a day. picture this:

i was running a bit late this morning, mainly because i was being lazy. as i was getting out of the shower i heard a loud knock at my door…i was kind of half-expecting this ’cause when i left my apartment yesterday morning there was a note attached to my door telling me that workers would be arriving sometime between 8 and 4 today to “retrofit my apartment” with fire alarm stuff. so, they chose to come at 8. i let them in and they immediately opened my closet. here’s the conversation that ensued:

greasy construction worker guy: you were supposed to take everything out of your closet.
me: i was? how was i supposed to know that?
gcwg: your pantry too. we’re running conduit through there *pointing to the top of my closet and along my ceiling*
me: it said nothing about this on the letter i got yesterday.
gcwg: yes it did.
me: no. it didn’t. *shows him the fucking letter*
gcwg: oh, well, our supervisor went from apartment to apartment to tell everyone what they need to do.
me: uh, no. i was here when the letter got dropped off and i spoke with no one.
gcwg: well, we can just empty your closet for you…
me: uhhhhh. no.

so yeah, i emptied the top of my closet and the top two shelves of my pantry thing, as instructed, and i did so quite hurriedly ’cause i was already a bit late. when i got home, i discovered that they’d removed the rest of my stuff for me, and it was strewn across my couch, floor, counter tops and stove.

and the best part: all they did was run conduit. they haven’t installed the actual fire alarm, like the letter said. i.e., they’ll be coming back again. can’t wait.

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