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13 May 03

knife of its penis a penis? my thoughts exactly!

so, i got home from work today and discovered something different about the hallway outside my door:

yeah, my carpet’s now gone. you may recall the day that i got home to find my ceiling missing – i guess they’re still not done screwing with me.

work today was a bit on the sucky side. i spent 3+ hours in an excruciatingly hot computer lab trying to figure out why the network wasn’t working, only to discover that someone had misconfigured the switch. again. predictable i guess.

in addition, we got our softball schedule today, and our first game appears to be next week. 3 things are wrong with this:
a) it’s a week earlier than normal, and if the weather doesn’t drastically improve by then i’ll need my winter coat to play.
b) it’s at the shittiest field in the city: complete with a hill in the outfield, and a lake behind the backstop. the lake is nice when it’s hot out, but at this time of year all it does is make you even colder.
c) it’s against the team we played against twice last year, and both games ended in arguments. dread.

in other, more bizarre news:
sofi received a spam email today with the subject line “Faca de seu penis um P┬áNIS”. i ran this through babel fish and discovered it’s portuguese for “Knife of its penis a PENIS”. riiiiight.

and finally, i was just watching the news and thought i heard this news item wrong, but apparently not: according to our most recent census, canada has 20 thousand people who claimed their religion as “jedi”. insert your own joke here.

2 Responses to “knife of its penis a penis? my thoughts exactly!”

  1. 1
    Sarah Says:

    Oh those crazy Canucks. I mean Aussies…

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    yeah, slashdot picked up the story too. they probably heard about it from my webpage.

    no one ever said canadians were original.

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