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09 May 03

no one knows sledding like…brett hull?

on my way to work this morning, i happened to walk by a car with what appeared to be a noma gt snow racer in the back seat. nothing exciting there…until i took a closer look: it was a noma “brett hull sniper” racer! decorated in lovely st. louis blues colours, and proudly adorned with the number 16. two questions came to my mind when i saw this:

1. what does brett hull have to do with sledding?
2. more importantly, who the fuck bought this? isn’t brett hull the most reprehensible man in hockey (and, perhaps now, sledding), especially in canada?

on another note, i just noticed another person wanting to buy beta format porn from me. perhaps i should consider a career switch.

20 Responses to “no one knows sledding like…brett hull?”

  1. 1
    alexands Says:

    actually, it is really hard to get a gt snow racer without bret hull getting a nickel…i bought one for my nephew a few years ago, and had to get scotty to cut new decals for it so it wouldn’t be #16…

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    i actually have no recollection of that. stupid brett hull.

  3. 3
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    brett hull sucks, and the canucks seem to now as well.
    rob’s listening to pete yorn. yay for robbie.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    you know pete yorn?

  5. 5
    mr wackoff Says:

    long live brett hull hes my honky tonk man

  6. 6
    me Says:

    hi landon wanna suck my dick?

  7. 7
    mr wackoff Says:

    Pounding away at her friend, Kira’s own opening began to
    ache again. She slid around on the cushions until her
    hole was positioned close to the wildly waving tip of
    the dildo. In one motion Kira slid down, driving the rod
    into her while her leg and Jadzia’s scissored together.
    Both women took the dildo in hand, plunging it back and
    forth between them as they looked lustily into each
    other’s eyes.

  8. 8
    mr rim job Says:

    mmm yes, only if you give me a rusty trumpet after, like brett hull gives to the scorpion king

  9. 9
    mr wackoff Says:

    landon i waan stoke your cock making it bulge and blow hot streaking semen across my face, as i lick it iwth my tougne i shall poop out little bottles of advil so i may admisister up your rectum on a daily bassis

  10. 10
    mr wackoff Says:

    my fingers smeel like me…and my doggie…someone ate some garlic

  11. 11
    mr rim job Says:

    mike i want to lick your anus like im trying to kick ice cream from the inside of a cone, i want that chocolate fudge, and then i want a special toppin all over my face

  12. 12
    mr rim job Says:

    my legs are itchy, i would put cream on them, but i used it all for jerking off to gay porn with mike, remeber when we shnoodled each other?
    but none of us had foreskin.. so we used a sock.

  13. 13
    mr wackoff Says:

    i want to hear your heart pund as my member enters your mouth with chocloate syurip on it the one u like, the one we made love with first on that warm park bench

  14. 14
    mr wackoff Says:

    landon will you marry me

  15. 15
    landon loves mike Says:

    my penis is this big c=======3, but when i look at you, it goes this big c=======================================3 thinkin about the lovely times we had on that warm park bench

  16. 16
    mike likes bum sex Says:

    yes i will mike.. i willlllll

  17. 17
    mr wackoff Says:

    i feel the same way take my hand in marrage though please my love

  18. 18
    mr wackoff Says:

    thank you my dear…you can give it to me in ass tongiht then

  19. 19
    mr wakoff Says:

    i went to to fart…but i felt poop comin out.. i pucked up my cheeks.. i didnt tocuh down *phew* good thing

  20. 20
    nnn Says:

    i want to bend you over my bed like a wall mounting bracket fits into a corner then drive huge nails into your open oraphise….mmmmm

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