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31 May 03

i can’t sink 18 straight baskets…

good lord. robin showed me this earlier:

28 May 03

yes i can sell it to you but no i won’t look up how much it costs

reason #13431974 why i love my building:
i just took some recyclables down to my recycling-type room, and discovered that someone had ditched a couch they no longer wanted there. out of sight, out of mind i guess.

so now, i’m going to relate a truly ridiculous story. about a month ago, i attempted to order some laser printer cartridges from our school’s computer store. now, i’ll spare you the history of my dealings with the store, but if you know me or my institution at all, you’ll have heard about their reputation. anyway, no one emailed me back after several weeks for various reasons. i emailed again on friday asking for the price of two different toner cartridges. i heard back today taht they wouldn’t look it up for me because they didn’t make enough money on them, and that they’d order the cheapest one if that’s what i wanted; otherwise, i was free to go elsewhere. here’s my question: what kind of store won’t look up a price for you? anyway, i’m gonna go elsewhere.

today was crazy productive. and tomorrow i get to give a talk (twice) to tech-type people. should be fantastic.

28 May 03

skid row and poinson, together at last

steve found this on the newsgroup today:

FS: Poinson and Skid Row tickets

What a concert!…concert is June 3rd at the Molson Amp in Toronto. 4
tickets asking $250. I am not able to go so they are yours if you want
them.Get in touch for details.


he of course asked me why i was selling such great tickets.

27 May 03


some great google variations:

  • guimp – the world’s smallest search engine
  • elgooG – the google mirror
  • googoth – google goes gothic
  • koogle – jewish google
  • gaygle – google is gay? looks pretty but doesn’t seem to do much

and that doesn’t even get into other fun stuff like googlism (one of my favourites), googlefight, the touchgraph google browser, etc.

as an aside, i hope that my referrer logs now show people finding my site searching for google. preferably while searching with google.

27 May 03

i’m practising to be able to do one thing at once

it’s that time of year again when i get to practice doing many things at once. work in the summer always brings about a number of weird challenges that all, for some reason, happen at once. i think i’m a lot better at multitasking and keeping the various issues in my head at once than i used to be.

i’m apparently giving a bit of a talk on thursday that someone else volunteered me for. i’m not sure how it will go or how we’re going to fill up the time we’ve been allotted but i’m not gonna worry about that.

on another note, it’s amazing that after a year and a bit not a single other person has linked to chumptastic, according to my ecosystem stats. alas. i kind of like organica’s tally better…at least it lists four linkers (even though they’re mostly automatic).

26 May 03

a list of stuff


1. skid row is opening for poison at the molson amphitheatre this summer. does anyone see the irony in this? i recall an interview with sebastian bach conducted by george stroumboulopoulos (aka sarah’s favourite dogfaced man) in which sebastian said something like “i’m on broadway and you’re talking about fucking poison? does monkey business sound like unskinny bop to you?” apparently it does to someone.

2. one thing i noticed that made me laugh during the matrix reloaded was that when neo was talking to the architect about the wickedness of mankind, an image of george w. flashed up on the screen. apparently i wasn’t the only one to notice.

2b. for added fun, check out the link at the bottom of that page entitled matrix makers blast charge of albino bias. essentially, some people felt that the matrix portrays albinos in a bad light, and the responses from the studio rule:

“They’re not albinos!” a studio spokeswoman stressed to WorldNetDaily regarding the new villains. “They’re not even human. They’re vampires, 15th century vampires. … These characters do not possess the qualities that albinos possess. They don’t have red eyes. They become invisible. Clearly, they’re not real people.”

3. i went to check out randomly last night and i found that it had been hacked (although it’s fixed now). the hacked page pointed at a number of pages, including this one, that claim that michael moore staged a lot of the stuff in bowling for columbine. i have no doubt that he stretched the truth to make his point. and i still liked that movie. and yes, i know this is old news.

4. i hear that scotto saw a band in toronto on friday night. i’m guessing silverchair, but i have no proof. how were they?

5. i hate pigeons, especially the ones on my balcony, most notably the ones that prevented me from getting back to sleep after i inexplicably woke up at 5:30 this morning.

23 May 03

early morning links

two fun links to start off the day:

first, a story of a stag night that made me say ew.

second, a creepy but very cool page that doesn’t really need a description.

and now, i go back to work. it’s as though i never left.

22 May 03

at last! no more need for an in-person doctor!

how disturbing his this piece of spam?

One of our US licensed physicians will write an FDA approved prescription for you and ship your order overnight via a US Licensed pharmacy direct to your doorstep, fast and secure! Our new super-reliable pharmacies get your order to your doorstep the next day as long as you order before 2pm.

oh, but there’s more:

ANTI DEPRESSANTS: Too Depressed to go to the Doctor? Buy it ONLINE!!! PAXIL, PROZAC, ZOLOFT, WELLBUTRIN, and more!
WEIGHT LOSS: Lose weight NOW! Why bother to diet when you can SHED THE POUNDS AWAY with prescription drugs like PHENTERMINE, ADIPEX, and DIDREX.

and that’s just an exerpt. good lord.

in other news, i’ve been successfully retrofitted, without incident. and working from 9-11 tonight reminds me of last summer. and the summer before that…

22 May 03

retrofitting saga, part 3

when i left work yesterday there was another note on my door saying that the greasy construction guys would be working on my place on thursday. which sort of contradicted the previous day’s note saying wednesday. anyway, i left early again to avoid them. perhaps this is why i’m pretty much non-functional due to tiredness.

softball started yesterday, and we continued our four year tradition of losing our opening game every year. at least it was close, and i didn’t play like shit for once.

and now i’m sitting in a lab, testing out my “solution” to my 5 day old problem. i’m not gonna get into it, except to say that i didn’t do anything differently today. sigh.

20 May 03

i think next season’s 24 needs a bit more prolonged drama.

oh good. the fire alarm retrofitters are coming back tomorrow morning. again i have no idea what it will entail, and i don’t so much wanna empty my closets again. i guess they’ll surprise me. hopefully i’ll at least avoid the greasiness exuded by the construction guys.

today was a bit reminiscent of last summer: staying at work 3 extra hours trying to finish something off. i left when i did so i could watch last week’s episode of 24 because the finale was tonight (and, might i add: Best. Show. Ever.)

so why was i at work late? i’ve been trying to solve this problem for 3 solid days now, and haven’t made any headway…it’s completely holding up my progress. i’ve never spent so long on something without fixing it. has anyone else had problems with winexit suddenly deciding to only automatically log off SOME computers? no? didn’t think so. and that’s enough of that.

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