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20 Apr 03

i miss 4 day weekends

i just returned to fabulous kingston after 2 very filling and yummy easter dinners, and now i get to psych myself back up for work tomorrow morning. why do kids get a 4 day weekend while i’m stuck with 3? that doesn’t seem right to me.

anyway, i have very little to report, except a very exciting victory over scotto at his own playstation football game on the last play of the game, and a much needed car wash.

however, in order to save this post from ultra-boringness, i’d like to point out the highlight of my day a couple days ago when i found it: some guy i don’t know cd that robin made for the mefi cd swap. the cover is super cool and worth checking out.

18 Apr 03

resumes vs. cover letters

i think i have robin to thank for extolling the virtues of resumes over cover letters. i hope the cover letter chumps respond.

18 Apr 03

posting #400 adventures

hey look, 400 chumptastic postings. i’m all about pointing out milestones, it seems.

anyway, days off are always good, especially when you waste them like i tend to do. i offered robin a ride to the train station earlier this afternoon, then watched some tv and had a nap (that’s it for my day). while napping, i dreamt that i was late taking robin to the station so he missed his train, and when i woke up i was convinced that i had overslept and that the dream had come true. in truth, i still had 20 mins before i had to pick him up.

but, i always make things interesting whenever i take him to the train station. last time we went to swiss chalet for dinner first and had the slowest service in the history of the world, and to get there on time i had to drive insanely fast the entire way. today i had given myself enough time (i thought) but because i’m a poor multi-tasker at times, i drove right by the train station while we were talking and i didn’t notice for a couple blocks. robin’s lack of kingston geographical knowledge didn’t help much, so i turned around and we arrived right on time.

oh, and to add to my braindeadness tally chart: while at the station, i said to robin “hey, it’s that french TA girl” and my volume level was a few notches higher than i wanted so she turned around and looked at me. i don’t even know her name (although she knows mine), but she’s in the french computer lab every time i go there, and i swear she’s always hitting on me…but i’m sure i’ve cured that behaviour now.

17 Apr 03

ineffective advertising strategy

continuing on with the strange comments thread, the only reason i can come up with for this comment is so this guy can advertise his stupid cover letter website. i mean, he replied to my first ever posting, and his comment was 100% content free (much like the post itself). anyway, the point of this is: how hard up for visitors must you be if you’re gonna start advertising on blogs that get 60 visitors a day? and in the archives no less!

16 Apr 03

porn porn porn (or how to increase your search engine hits in 1 easy step)

ok, the winner of the scariest comment award goes to kevin (aka – feel free to mail him). check out this gem – it’s wrong for so many reasons.

but, oddly enough, it’s a good segue into what i was originally going to post about anyway: a job that robin found today on don’t you think i’d be perfect for it? you have to start your porn empire SOMEWHERE, and the LTU cam just wasn’t cutting it.

i also tried to take a picture of signs that are now on most of the doors in jeffery hall stating “this area is patrolled by campus security”, but my camera’s batteries were dead. they made me a bit scared wondering what prompted them to be posted.

14 Apr 03

discussions of facial hair

sigh. this morning, a coworker told me that i’m starting to look like englebert humperdink. i think that’s a sign it’s time to shave off my sideburns.

at least i didn’t need to comb my eyebrows like another (female) coworker.

in other news, the leafs and sens both won in double overtime, seconds apart. go canada!

14 Apr 03

illiteracy reigns

i spent quite a while in a lab this morning fixing small lingering problems – it’s so much easier when there aren’t a zillion students in the way. one of the things i finally did was replace the signs above the printers to give better instructions on how to print. about 2 minutes after i added the new signs, some girl came up to me and said “how do i print here?”

i guess no matter how good my signs are, they won’t help with the non-reading population.

13 Apr 03

go canadia!

new plan:
i’m not gonna leave my apartment until the hockey playoffs end.

pet peeve of the day:
to the person who inexplicably opened my dryer without restarting it again – you owe me a buck, and you’ve made my list (right underneath the asses who started hammering at 6:50 am).

proof that canada is poised to take over the world:
mike weir won the masters, paul tracy won his 3rd CART race of the season, and the canadian men’s curling team won the world championship today. i have all 40 hours of excitement on tape if anyone wants to relive the excitement.

productivity of the weekend:
i’m just about ready to unveil a brand new photo gallery. is password protection really necessary (assuming i’m not talking about gratuitous cleavage shots)? i’d like your thoughts, keeping in mind that i don’t get quite the amount of traffic as yahoo, google or cnn.

weirdness of the weekend:
i was perusing my site’s stats this afternoon and noticed that had visited 719 of my pages today. i checked the logs and at first glance i was pretty freaked out – whoever this was, they read every single one of my archives between 2:30 and 5:30. upon further analysis, it appears to be some idiot’s web spider called linko, presumably written in perl and operating from some guy’s home PC, and it’s programmed to follow every one of my site’s links, one per second. i was convinced for a few minutes i had a serious stalker, so i guess that’s a bit of a relief.

13 Apr 03

nothing to report

yeah, i haven’t really done much of anything this weekend. hockey has been watched, and that’s about it. less than exciting i’m afraid.

10 Apr 03

how am i supposed to ship my mustard gas across the country then?

sigh. chumptastic was down for most of the day ’cause my building’s power was out yet again. the sign said that it would be turned off from “10 until finish”. descriptive.

i was in my old office for a while this afternoon for the first time in ages. no one’s moved in since i moved out, so a lot of my old stuff is still in there – it’s like a time capsule. i found some old issues of golden words (from 2000), one containing an article about maxim that sofi wrote that apparently also got published in the toronto star. cool.

i also found this:

it’s such a handy postal experiment site i found a while ago. it’s quite funny – people mailed a variety of things through the mail to test the limits of the USPS. i thought i was cool when i mailed a letter with 50 one cent stamps on it.

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
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