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30 Apr 03

i’m an automotive expert

so today was mitch’s moving day, to continue with this week’s trend. before heading over to her place to start loading up my car, i decided to go get some gas, since i had less than 1/4 tank left. on my way up sir john a. macdonald blvd (a relatively busy street) i downshifted from 4th to 3rd gear and my car stalled…that’d never happened to me before and i wasn’t in an optimal location to pull over, so i coasted around the corner onto bath road and pulled over to the side there. i tried to start my car again – no dice. a bunch of lights came on on my instrument panel: check engine, oil pressure, battery, etc. not good. so, i called sofi to get the number for CAA, called robin to let him know i’d be late to mitch’s, and called for a tow truck. sigh.

i was waiting by my car for a couple minutes and this awful feeling came over me: what if i was just out of gas? according to my gas gauge, i had 2 notches left and the gas light never came on, but wouldn’t that be the most embarassing thing in the world? to drop off your car at a garage and have it turn out to just be out of gas? luckily, my car was a couple blocks away from a gas station, so i ran down to buy a gas can. jeremy met me there and drove me back to my car, and, after spilling gas all over myself, i filled up my car and poof, it started. i drove home and cancelled my tow truck and felt like a big idiot. i guess my gauges are a bit messed up, but at least i figured it out before the tow truck arrived.

so, i then spent from about 8-11 moving mitch. and since i’m old, i’m tired and sore. sleep beckons.

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