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26 Apr 03

rage building

one of my favourite songs in about 1995 was today i hate everyone by the killjoys. i could relate to that song today. all i wanted to do was go to the mall to buy the dears’ new cd, and get a few groceries. in theory, this should’ve taken 45 mins to an hour, tops. in reality, the traffic on the way to the mall was christmasesque and the drive there and back was horrendous. there’s nothing more annoying than sitting through 3 consecutive green lights before actually being able to advance. another pet peeve of mine is people who are completely oblivious to the world around them, and who have no sense of space. add to the equation shopping carts and extra narrow aisles at loblaws, and it’s a bad scene. [aside: what’s up with the newly renovated loblaws? are they trying to look more like a no frills? i mean, 2 carts can barely fit side by side down those aisles… but, i guess it gives them more space with which they can sell baby clothes, toys, cosmetics, shoe repair kits, etc. – all the things i look for in a fine grocery store.]

so yeah, when i got home i was a big seething ball of rage, or as close to one as i could possibly get.

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Date: 1883

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