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22 Apr 03

wow me!

another day, another job interview. today’s went as well as any i suppose – i find that i’m not very good at reading them. i guess all i can say is that i had a reasonably good answer or relevent experience for each of their questions, and they seemed happy with me. it’s between me and 2 others, so i guess we’ll see how it goes. as an aside, if you’re looking for interview tips: it makes it WAY easier if you’re not really sure if you want the job. no pressure = relaxed interview. as sofi pointed out, i do things sorta backwards: i was waiting for them to wow me, instead of the other way around.

other than that, i solved a problem at work today that’s plagued me for a year, and i was the primary interviewer while hiring 2 more summer staff members. i guess you can say it was a productive day.

on the downside, the leafs just got shellacked by philadelphia. i guess i gotta cheer extra hard for the canucks and sens from now on.

oh, good. snow tonight.

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