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20 Apr 03

i miss 4 day weekends

i just returned to fabulous kingston after 2 very filling and yummy easter dinners, and now i get to psych myself back up for work tomorrow morning. why do kids get a 4 day weekend while i’m stuck with 3? that doesn’t seem right to me.

anyway, i have very little to report, except a very exciting victory over scotto at his own playstation football game on the last play of the game, and a much needed car wash.

however, in order to save this post from ultra-boringness, i’d like to point out the highlight of my day a couple days ago when i found it: some guy i don’t know reviewed my website for some reason. i wouldn’t say my entries are “forced”, but he hit the nail on the head with “mundane”. “ramblings” was also pretty apropos.

one final thing i’ll point out: a cd that robin made for the mefi cd swap. the cover is super cool and worth checking out.

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