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18 Apr 03

posting #400 adventures

hey look, 400 chumptastic postings. i’m all about pointing out milestones, it seems.

anyway, days off are always good, especially when you waste them like i tend to do. i offered robin a ride to the train station earlier this afternoon, then watched some tv and had a nap (that’s it for my day). while napping, i dreamt that i was late taking robin to the station so he missed his train, and when i woke up i was convinced that i had overslept and that the dream had come true. in truth, i still had 20 mins before i had to pick him up.

but, i always make things interesting whenever i take him to the train station. last time we went to swiss chalet for dinner first and had the slowest service in the history of the world, and to get there on time i had to drive insanely fast the entire way. today i had given myself enough time (i thought) but because i’m a poor multi-tasker at times, i drove right by the train station while we were talking and i didn’t notice for a couple blocks. robin’s lack of kingston geographical knowledge didn’t help much, so i turned around and we arrived right on time.

oh, and to add to my braindeadness tally chart: while at the station, i said to robin “hey, it’s that french TA girl” and my volume level was a few notches higher than i wanted so she turned around and looked at me. i don’t even know her name (although she knows mine), but she’s in the french computer lab every time i go there, and i swear she’s always hitting on me…but i’m sure i’ve cured that behaviour now.

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Date: 1883

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