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13 Apr 03

go canadia!

new plan:
i’m not gonna leave my apartment until the hockey playoffs end.

pet peeve of the day:
to the person who inexplicably opened my dryer without restarting it again – you owe me a buck, and you’ve made my list (right underneath the asses who started hammering at 6:50 am).

proof that canada is poised to take over the world:
mike weir won the masters, paul tracy won his 3rd CART race of the season, and the canadian men’s curling team won the world championship today. i have all 40 hours of excitement on tape if anyone wants to relive the excitement.

productivity of the weekend:
i’m just about ready to unveil a brand new photo gallery. is password protection really necessary (assuming i’m not talking about gratuitous cleavage shots)? i’d like your thoughts, keeping in mind that i don’t get quite the amount of traffic as yahoo, google or cnn.

weirdness of the weekend:
i was perusing my site’s stats this afternoon and noticed that had visited 719 of my pages today. i checked the logs and at first glance i was pretty freaked out – whoever this was, they read every single one of my archives between 2:30 and 5:30. upon further analysis, it appears to be some idiot’s web spider called linko, presumably written in perl and operating from some guy’s home PC, and it’s programmed to follow every one of my site’s links, one per second. i was convinced for a few minutes i had a serious stalker, so i guess that’s a bit of a relief.

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