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08 Apr 03

the most important thing to me is the acclaim of others. or something.

weird, i feel so proud. i got mentioned on someone else’s blog! (you’ll have to search for chumptastic). i guess she couldn’t figure out how to get their “obscure logs” link to work, and in my old site design i had it working, so she stole it. anyway, she called me “funny”. go me.

oh. and i’ve added some formal pics to my photo page (as always, a password is required). they’re a bit on the chaotic side, but there are a few gems for sure.

oh, one final resume tidbit: i found it interesting that someone we interviewed today had “willing blood donor” on his resume. “you’re not leaving today until you give me at LEAST a pint!” as an aside, he’s also the guy who listed “winning smile” under “strengths”.

4 Responses to “the most important thing to me is the acclaim of others. or something.”

  1. 1
    alexands Says:

    would you please stop making fun of my resume!!


  2. 2
    pager Says:

    oh, i didn’t realize it was yours. you had your name spelled wrong, as usual.

    also: your claim to fame is missing your interview and you still somehow managed to get hired.

  3. 3
    Keri Says:

    Ha! Now I feel proud.

  4. 4
    robin Says:

    hey steve — as if ITS would be dumb enough to hire you a second time :^)

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