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06 Apr 03

busy weekend = sleep deprivation

what a tiring weekend.

friday night was the much-anticipated stars/broken social scene show at the merchant. i hadn’t been looking THAT forward to seeing a show in a long time, and the stars didn’t disappoint. they (all 6 or 7 of them) played a fantastic upbeat set, and REALLY enjoyed playing. they’re now officially one of my favouritest live bands. broken social scene were the headliners and the ones i was really looking forward to seeing, but they sort of let me down. they spent forever setting up, in part because of their numbers (i think some songs had 8 or 9 people playing various instruments, including all of stars) and their set was kind of slow and draggy. their cd is my favourite at the moment, but it didn’t translate too well into a live show, in my opinion – i just felt really tired, and the countless minutes spent setting up and reconfiguring between songs didn’t help either.

saturday night was artsci formal night, which turned out to be more fun than i expected. we had a lovely dinner at grecos, followed by a pre-formal martini party. we arrived at around 11 or 11:30 i think fully expecting to wait in line, but for some reason there was no more line by the time we arrived. the martini party/four free drink tickets (plus free ones given to me by others) distracted me from the fact that i knew practically no one, that it was in a big ugly building with bad music and decorations, and the fact that the men’s “washrooms” were four portapotties set up outside. anyway, it was fun, and i have a bunch of pictures documenting the evening – but i have no idea who took most of them. it certainly wasn’t me. i’ll post them eventually.

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