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30 Apr 03

i’m an automotive expert

so today was mitch’s moving day, to continue with this week’s trend. before heading over to her place to start loading up my car, i decided to go get some gas, since i had less than 1/4 tank left. on my way up sir john a. macdonald blvd (a relatively busy street) i downshifted from 4th to 3rd gear and my car stalled…that’d never happened to me before and i wasn’t in an optimal location to pull over, so i coasted around the corner onto bath road and pulled over to the side there. i tried to start my car again – no dice. a bunch of lights came on on my instrument panel: check engine, oil pressure, battery, etc. not good. so, i called sofi to get the number for CAA, called robin to let him know i’d be late to mitch’s, and called for a tow truck. sigh.

i was waiting by my car for a couple minutes and this awful feeling came over me: what if i was just out of gas? according to my gas gauge, i had 2 notches left and the gas light never came on, but wouldn’t that be the most embarassing thing in the world? to drop off your car at a garage and have it turn out to just be out of gas? luckily, my car was a couple blocks away from a gas station, so i ran down to buy a gas can. jeremy met me there and drove me back to my car, and, after spilling gas all over myself, i filled up my car and poof, it started. i drove home and cancelled my tow truck and felt like a big idiot. i guess my gauges are a bit messed up, but at least i figured it out before the tow truck arrived.

so, i then spent from about 8-11 moving mitch. and since i’m old, i’m tired and sore. sleep beckons.

29 Apr 03

hey look, i’m not hired

so, i guess it had to happen someday. the IT people at education have hired someone else to be their manager (in their words, someone with “many years of managerial and project experience” – i.e. definitely not me). as bizarre as it sounds, that’s the first time i’ve ever applied for a job and not got it. i’m glad it happened with THIS job, rather than one i had my heart set on.

in other news, i get to stay in my apartment for another year if i want, so long as i register for a course by june. my apartment is nothing spectacular, but i hate moving and it’s cheap. i kinda like the idea of living here one more year and finally saving some money before moving into a real person’s place; however, if i find another cool/cheapish place i’m outta here.

29 Apr 03

anyone have any boxes they want me to lug?

when i woke up this morning i thought to myself, boy, do i ever want to lug a few dozen computers back and forth between computer labs. luckily for me, my wish came true and that’s how i spent most of my day…well, that and scrubbing the filth off of the desks in the public labs. mmm, coffee stains. yesterday was jo’s moving day, and wednesday is mitch’s, so i’m getting quite proficient at this moving stuff.

music note: go buy the dears‘ new cd. now.

26 Apr 03

rage building

one of my favourite songs in about 1995 was today i hate everyone by the killjoys. i could relate to that song today. all i wanted to do was go to the mall to buy the dears’ new cd, and get a few groceries. in theory, this should’ve taken 45 mins to an hour, tops. in reality, the traffic on the way to the mall was christmasesque and the drive there and back was horrendous. there’s nothing more annoying than sitting through 3 consecutive green lights before actually being able to advance. another pet peeve of mine is people who are completely oblivious to the world around them, and who have no sense of space. add to the equation shopping carts and extra narrow aisles at loblaws, and it’s a bad scene. [aside: what’s up with the newly renovated loblaws? are they trying to look more like a no frills? i mean, 2 carts can barely fit side by side down those aisles… but, i guess it gives them more space with which they can sell baby clothes, toys, cosmetics, shoe repair kits, etc. – all the things i look for in a fine grocery store.]

so yeah, when i got home i was a big seething ball of rage, or as close to one as i could possibly get.

25 Apr 03

i should talk about hockey more

apparently the fact that i wear a canucks hat EVERY SINGLE DAY has for some reason convinced people that i like them better than the leafs. don’t be fooled, i’m a toronto fan first, and vancouver fan second. and look where that’s gotten me. also: i’m the only one who cares, but since this has come up 3 times in the last week i figured i might as well put that out there.

in other news, i got a new pornographers poster in the mail yesterday. i forgot entering an email contest a few weeks ago through exclaim magazine, so good deal for me.

for some reason i forgot to hit post after i typed this a couple hours ago. unfortunately, the time lag didn’t make this post any more interesting.

23 Apr 03

summer’s gone, quoth the salteens

some of you might be asking yourselves: what happened to the funny? that’s a good question, chums. it appears as though i’m fresh out.

so, i’ll take this opportunity to revisit one of my favourite sites of all time: the (revised) big book of sign language. sigh. i still think “i circumcize teenagers” is my favourite. [note: this post will now officially lead to freaks finding my site on google, like these two randoms. but, that’s a chance i’m willing to take.] now, i posted about this site a few months ago when it was located here, and it’s now been replaced by a lovely cease and desist letter which is also worth a read.

in other news, i received the new salteens cd in the mail today. it’s quite good, as expected, and a whopping 28 minutes long, also as expected. so yeah, go listen to it.

and to reiterate: it fucking snowed today. to put this in perspective, it sometimes snows on my birthday, which is less than 6 months from now (as i pointed out a couple days ago – and it should be noted that sofi attempted to buy me a hot chocolate today to celebrate my half-birthday, but i rudely declined). so, conceivably, we could end up with more months of snowy weather than non-snowy weather this year. count me the fuck out.

23 Apr 03

april 23rd!

it’s snowing?

22 Apr 03

wow me!

another day, another job interview. today’s went as well as any i suppose – i find that i’m not very good at reading them. i guess all i can say is that i had a reasonably good answer or relevent experience for each of their questions, and they seemed happy with me. it’s between me and 2 others, so i guess we’ll see how it goes. as an aside, if you’re looking for interview tips: it makes it WAY easier if you’re not really sure if you want the job. no pressure = relaxed interview. as sofi pointed out, i do things sorta backwards: i was waiting for them to wow me, instead of the other way around.

other than that, i solved a problem at work today that’s plagued me for a year, and i was the primary interviewer while hiring 2 more summer staff members. i guess you can say it was a productive day.

on the downside, the leafs just got shellacked by philadelphia. i guess i gotta cheer extra hard for the canucks and sens from now on.

oh, good. snow tonight.

21 Apr 03

what, no presents?

happy half birthday to me.

21 Apr 03

ramblings about geekiness and music

more geeky stuff:

obviously, i have the most recent song i’ve listened to with winamp posted on the main page, and you may or may not have noticed that by clicking on “currently spinning” you get the last 10 songs. blahblahblah. anyway, i’ve been planning on extending that to the songs i’ve listened to most often, etc., but at the moment, audioscrobbler is doing it for me. so basically, i have no idea why anyone would care what music i’m listening to most often, but if for some reason you do, go there.


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