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22 Mar 03

new layout has arrived

after a long year of enduring the boringness that was my old css-based website, i’ve finally updated the layout to something that i think is a bit nicer – and i actually used tables this time. i’m still making minor modifications, and if you happen across anything that looks bad or doesn’t quite work, lemme know.

anyway, more to come later…

21 Mar 03

happy anniversary

hey look, it’s chumptastic’s one year anniversary!

this layout isn’t permanent by any means (it’ll be gone tomorrow). i just wanted to steal something from explodingdog for a day, to mark the fact that i’ve been posting to this stupid blog for a whole year. crazy. i’m working on a new permanent layout as well…hopefully soon.

as a walk down memory lane, i’d like to point you all at my favouritest post of the year. it was the most fun to make, and hopefully to read. there are SO many bad posts, i’m not even going to attempt to choose one, although this post is a good one to choose to represent some of this year’s frustrations.

happy day, and thank you for caring enough to read.

[addendum: ok, so this post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense now that i DO have my new layout. but that’s ok. if you by chance missed my anniversary page, you can still see it here.]

20 Mar 03

it’s not OUR war

so yeah. i wish i could find some war coverage on tv tonight.

18 Mar 03

el scotto: the hockey enforcer

today’s story of the day features el scotto the magnificent:

apparently mon frere was involved in a bit of a skirmish in his last hockey game of the season. the game contained a brawl and apparently one of scotto’s teammates was getting a bit on the pummelled side, so scotto skated in and dropped him. the fight apparently lasted all of 0.2 seconds. i wish i’d seen it.

my excitement for today involved going through 80 resumes for staffing our support centre. i’ll elaborate more on this tomorrow. right now my brain is far too resumed out to write any more.

17 Mar 03

…and his dog trooper

while mitch and i were walking down clergy street this afternoon after lunch, as i was busy avoiding massive puddles of gross, she pointed out a truck that i’m glad i didn’t miss:

(click to enlarge so you can read the lettering on the side.)

i have no further information about that truck, but i think i’m gonna stick decals to the side of my cavalier in tribute.

17 Mar 03

it’s nice out, but it’s not summer

i’m no meteorological wizard, but to me, 7C is nice but not nice enough to wear a t-shirt and shorts/clam diggers. what is it about the pseudo-warm weather that brings out the asses who are inclined to rush the season every year?

don’t get me wrong: i am enjoying a break from the coldest winter we’ve had in ages. but come on…we’re probably due for at least one more big snow fall, and it’s really NOT shorts weather.

maybe i’m just irked because of one guy in particular who’s always standing outside my window, smoking and drinking a coffee. as robin said earlier, “i’ve never actually talked to him but i want to punch him in the neck”. me too. and maybe set fire to his clam diggers.

15 Mar 03

woo, summerosity

hey, it’s summer!
rather than being stuck inside all day, i went out for a bit and, like the rest of kingston, i went to the cat centre. the parking lot resembled the christmas rush, complete with requisite awful no-look drivers.

anyway, i think i must’ve run into summer sales, ’cause check out what i bought:
-donnie darko dvd ($11)
-amelie dvd ($19)
-broken social scene cd ($16)
-stars cd ($19)

so much goodness, for so cheap. go summer.

15 Mar 03

a fabulous end to my week

yesterday at work was very slow and uneventful until 20 minutes before i go home. here’s what happened:

  • i got a phone call from my manager saying i needed to have a computer lab set up for monday evening for a special needs exam. not a lot of notice there.
  • a co-worker brought me a mouse ball from a mouse at one of my kiosk email terminals. i hate people who do things like stealing the bottoms of mice.
  • i got a phone call saying that there were students in a lab who refused to leave because they had it booked until 5:30 (and our staff all goes home at 4:30 on fridays). sure enough, after some investigation, they booked the lab til late through another department. i reluctantly let them stay, after doing a bunch of running around.
  • while talking to these students i discovered two stolen computers. i’m not sure when they went missing, but they’re certainly gone now.

great last 20 minutes of my week. i went home and slept for a couple hours.

on the bright side, i DID watch donnie darko last night. wow. SO GOOD. the downside was that i watched on div x and it was pretty dark, so i’m gonna watch it again soon in all of its dvd glory. what’s that? haven’t seen it? do. now. it’s about a boy who sees a giant rabbit who tells him what to do. beyond that, i honestly can’t describe it in a way that will do it justice, except that it’s great.

14 Mar 03

i’m not a good foosball player

yesterday was a bit of a nothing day. work was uneventful and story-free, so that doesn’t really make a good blog post.

i did go to the grad club for a while last night, which was probably the highlight of my day. that excursion taught me that i’m a terrible foosball player (which isn’t surprising i suppose given that i’d only ever played once before) and that adding beer to the equation doesn’t improve my skills any (or, for that matter, those of my partner).

another day is beginning! rejoice!

13 Mar 03

any post with a story about me being yelled at is a good one

for those of you of the female persuasion looking for a new occupation, might i suggest female escort? good lord, look at those rates. (also, does having this link on my site make me a pimp? i hope not.)

jo and i watched one hour photo tonight. while it wasn’t the most action packed or gripping movie i’ve ever seen, i still enjoyed it more than pretty much anyone i heard talk about it. i wouldn’t see it again, mind you, but i think it was better than either death to smoochie or insomnia (both of which, by the way, were recommended on the back of the video case).

the only remotely interesting thing that happened to me at work today was when a woman yelled at me for “throwing her problem back at her”. she was annoyed by netscape’s quality feedback window that pops up whenever netscape crashes, and i told her the only way i could find to get rid of it in netscape 6 was to uninstall and reinstall without that option checked. she wasn’t pleased with having to download netscape, and wanted 100% assurance that it would work. i was only able to tell her that i was pretty sure it would, but couldn’t test it for myself ’cause i have 4 versions of netscape on my computer so it wasn’t exactly a typical system to try it on. and, i told her, if that didn’t work she’d have to talk to netscape anyway ’cause we know nothing else and there is no documentation about it. she got irate at this point because we “provided her” with the software. she was even more irked when i pointed out that SHE chose which options to install. she asked for my name, and hung up. another happy customer.

and yeah, that’s not at all interesting, except for the part where she yelled at me and i had to keep from laughing at her.

oh, and i’m gonna keep coming back to this job possibility:
MINIMUM HIRING SALARY: $47,679 with possibility of a supervisory premium.
as sofi said, “that’s not so minimum”. decisions, decisions.

and now i sleep.

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