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28 Mar 03

i’m certifiable

i’ve noticed that, for some reason, big sugar seems to have stopped coming to kingston every second week recently. i’m not sure why this is, but i’m not exactly sorry. interestingly enough, by divine right seems to have seen fit to fill this void. tonight will mark the 5th time i’ve seen them in a little over a year (see here, here and here for 3 examples), and i’ve yet to get tired of their show. it’s always high energy with a pretty varied set list, and since they have a new album coming out in a couple months i’m hoping to get an advanced preview.

in other news, i received my certificate today thus proving that i completed a windows 2000/networking course. sen-sational. i’m totally dreading next week at work though – not only do i have to catch up on a week’s worth of work, but according to an email i received today, “we have 50 interviews scheduled between march 31st and april 9th”. oh man.

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