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27 Mar 03

yet another senseless keyboard tragedy

know what i don’t like about my instructor? (well, one of the things…) he’s a very enthusiastic power typist. chances are if you’ve been around computer geeks enough, you know what i’m talking about – those guys who type with a flourish, beating the shit out of their keyboards to demonstrate that they are master of the computer and that they’re much smarter than you. the enter key always seems to take the biggest beating, as if hitting enter to register the current command is must be celebrated – a triumph over the binary demon. i sit in the back row of the class and i sometimes fear that his keys are gonna fly off and hit me. on a positive note, i’m getting REALLY good at windows 2000’s built in pinball game.

on another note, for the last two days i’ve been feeling pretty crappy…my sinuses have been really ick and i’ve been worried that i might actually be getting a cold (or worse) for the first time in a couple years. but, for dinner i had some “bowl noodle (hot)” soup and it seems to have cured me, for now anyway. i can breathe fine, i have no more sore throat, and the pressure in my head is gone. i hope it keeps up, and i strongly recommend hot soup’s curative principles to anyone who thinks they might be getting sick. (that reminds me of the time in grade 12 or so when my friends made homemade wine by fermenting grape juice – it kicked the shit out of my impending cold).

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