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24 Mar 03

learn me about computers!

training day #1 down, 4 to go. so far today, out of 7 hours of training, i learned one new thing in all of that time. i’m glad i signed up for the accelerated class.

now, i’m pretty sure i’m extra critical of instructors (for obvious reasons), but this guy needs some work. he knows his the course’s material really well (being an MCSE and all…ha!) but he’s so smug and arrogant, he says things without explaining them, and he complains about the boringness of some of the material. blah. he was also wearing a bright orange shirt with a black vest over top, and sports a lovely mustache. unforgivable, really.

i still have about 5 or 6 emails from today i haven’t gotten around to reading…out of a couple dozen. sigh. i wonder how many voicemails i’ll have waiting for me?

2 Responses to “learn me about computers!”

  1. 1
    sofi Says:

    Okay, here’s the deal: I will go to the rest of your boring training sessions for you if you write this goddamn bloody stupid Women and Theatre paper for me. Deal?


    How about I throw in some baclava?

    Right, then. This is open to anyone.

    “Girls Will Be Boys – Gender Subversion in Diguise Plots.” Discuss.

    Thank you. Baclava (and my sanity) is at stake.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    yeah, no.

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