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21 Mar 03

happy anniversary

hey look, it’s chumptastic’s one year anniversary!

this layout isn’t permanent by any means (it’ll be gone tomorrow). i just wanted to steal something from explodingdog for a day, to mark the fact that i’ve been posting to this stupid blog for a whole year. crazy. i’m working on a new permanent layout as well…hopefully soon.

as a walk down memory lane, i’d like to point you all at my favouritest post of the year. it was the most fun to make, and hopefully to read. there are SO many bad posts, i’m not even going to attempt to choose one, although this post is a good one to choose to represent some of this year’s frustrations.

happy day, and thank you for caring enough to read.

[addendum: ok, so this post doesn’t make a whole lot of sense now that i DO have my new layout. but that’s ok. if you by chance missed my anniversary page, you can still see it here.]

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    pager Says:

    wow, the comment form looks like ass with this new layout. i guess i’d better fix that.

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