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15 Mar 03

a fabulous end to my week

yesterday at work was very slow and uneventful until 20 minutes before i go home. here’s what happened:

  • i got a phone call from my manager saying i needed to have a computer lab set up for monday evening for a special needs exam. not a lot of notice there.
  • a co-worker brought me a mouse ball from a mouse at one of my kiosk email terminals. i hate people who do things like stealing the bottoms of mice.
  • i got a phone call saying that there were students in a lab who refused to leave because they had it booked until 5:30 (and our staff all goes home at 4:30 on fridays). sure enough, after some investigation, they booked the lab til late through another department. i reluctantly let them stay, after doing a bunch of running around.
  • while talking to these students i discovered two stolen computers. i’m not sure when they went missing, but they’re certainly gone now.

great last 20 minutes of my week. i went home and slept for a couple hours.

on the bright side, i DID watch donnie darko last night. wow. SO GOOD. the downside was that i watched on div x and it was pretty dark, so i’m gonna watch it again soon in all of its dvd glory. what’s that? haven’t seen it? do. now. it’s about a boy who sees a giant rabbit who tells him what to do. beyond that, i honestly can’t describe it in a way that will do it justice, except that it’s great.

2 Responses to “a fabulous end to my week”

  1. 1
    Cindy Says:

    sounds like it’s a twist on this old movie …

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    not really. there’s a whole alternate universe/time travelling twist in donnie darko.

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