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11 Mar 03

pager: decidedly NOT management material

more information has surfaced about yesterday’s job thingy. apparently the job in question HAS been posted, but i didn’t realize it. it’s a management job, and for whatever reason, the people doing the hiring for it mentioned me by name and are encouraging me to apply. i find the whole thing bizarre: i don’t particularly see myself as management material, and i’m torn because the managers i’ve come across all seem to have lost touch. as an added bonus, part of the job would be supervising middle aged people who i’ve actually known for a few years, and i suspect they still consider me a student. i think there would be some authority concerns. anyway, i have no idea what to do about that.

on another note, look at what the hallway outside my apartment looks like as of this morning. i’m definitely living in a construction zone. apparently tomorrow they’re turning off my water, elevators, and much of the power to the building. sounds like a treat.

one more fun thing. if you were ever priviledged enough to visit my old website (the now defunct – home of the LTU cam) you may have come across one of my favourite signs of all time that i stole off the wall of mac corry basement about 4 years ago:

i wish i knew who made it. it’s hysterical. i rescued it off of the remnants of moron today, which made me happy.

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    chump Says:

    your the best manager a guy ever had….

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