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10 Mar 03

jobs galore. but only at queen’s.

hmm. another job possibility:
this time they’re calling me BEFORE the job is even posted. i was given a heads up that this job would be coming back in august or so, and i’d sorta forgotten about it after all this time. but, sure enough, there was a message on my voicemail today. the message i got last time was that:
a) they’ve written a job description that essentially describes me and my qualifications and
b) they really really really want me to apply.

what is the job exactly? i’m a bit hazy on that. something to do with technology and teaching i think. i guess i’d better find out more information before making any decisions.

oh, and oddly enough, i was chastised for not taking that other job today by coworkers who just found out about the job offer (old news by now). weird timing.

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