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09 Mar 03

das ist gut

sofi, katherine and i went to see lederhosen lucil last night at the scherzo. i didn’t really know what to expect, and i was pleasantly surprised. picture this: a cute girl wearing lederhosen and fake blonde braids, speaking in a put-on german accent, and singing fun little pop songs with titles like annaphylaxis, all good scabs, throwing up leaves, etc. the music was fun, but the real draw was the between-song banter in which she spoke to the crowd and played with her keyboard sounds. very funny, very cute.

oh, and on friday night, i stole the following from the washroom of the toucan:

that’s right! peterborough made the weekly world news! it’s a proud day. oh, and to further explain: the toucan’s men’s washroom posts bizarre articles from the weekly world news each week above the urinals. i had to steal that one for obvious reasons. i’m going to submit it to

[Addendum: check out i’m famous.]

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    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    your pic fits right in with all off the others.

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