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05 Mar 03

sleep is overrated

so, is tonight the night i get to catch up on my sleep? i hope so.

last night we saw sam roberts at grant hall. he put on a good show, although i thought that his best songs were the ones that made his 6 song ep. i’m pretty sure they played every song they knew, which made the show even better ’cause it means that they’ve probably played that set several dozen times before without appearing bored. the opener was graph nobel who was essentially a crappy version of old no doubt. jo described her show as watching “full body dry heaves” on stage. accurate.

monday night was battle of the bands at alfies. the bands were all pretty ok, but none were superfantastic. i think i would’ve chosen the salingers as my winners, but of course they lost out to obsidian who got points for being into the show, but lost points for sucking. the real story of the night was that the show didn’t end until after 2 am, thus resulting in me getting to sleep after 3. that made yesterday a bit on the rough side.

and now, perhaps i’ll have a nap.

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