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02 Mar 03

don’t stop thinkin about tomorrow

i’d first like to take this opportunity to point out the most recent comment added to my website. it’s at the bottom of this entry. note that the title of the entry came from the “big book of sign language” link (which, incidentally, is still the funniest site i’ve seen in ages, but unfortunately has been taken down for copyright reasons). i’m glad she posted that as a public service. also note her email address.

anyway, there’s a new sign in my lobby that made me laugh:

i’ve been thinking about my life. odd that i didn’t come to the conclusion to go to this open house.

so yeah, my weekend:
-friday night: watched grosse point blank (still soooo good), and then went to the toucan for a bit.
-saturday night: went to see chicago again, then went to the brew pub to eat fries and bretzels.
-saturday and sunday afternoons: did very little except nap, watch tv, and laundry. not exactly a good use of my days off.

and now i’m off to grocify.

6 Responses to “don’t stop thinkin about tomorrow”

  1. 1
    God Says:

    Rob, you should come to the open house! We’re having a potluck afterwards, and Moses promised to do some magic tricks.

  2. 2
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    im glad god is advertising his religion.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    the funniest part about the post above is that god’s email address, if you didn’t catch it, is

    also funny is that god apparently spoofed robin’s ip address. i’m sure that’s a pretty small feat for a deity though.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    oh, one more note: scotto’s apparently learned his spam lesson, and has now changed his listed email address to how sweet. brotherly love.

  5. 5
    God Says:

    Just for that, I’m going to make it -40C today!
    Feel my wrath, IP logger! I smite thee!

  6. 6
    robsucks Says:

    I dont know who scotto is but my email address is, so please don’t go giving it out as scotto’s

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