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31 Mar 03

resume don’ts and don’ts

as promised forever ago, some interview/resume tips for the kids out there:

  • when asked why you are applying for the job in an interview, don’t reply “i’ve heard from a friend that it lets you get a lot of studying done while getting paid.”
  • don’t address your cover letter to the wrong person, sign it with the wrong name, and include the wrong email address and phone number (in other words, when you’re borrowing someone else’s cover letter, CHANGE MORE THAN THE HEADER)
  • under strengths, under no circumstances should you include “great smile” – and for the love of christ, don’t list it FIRST. also: don’t include the following sentence in your cover letter: “I smile.”
  • a list of hobbies consisting of “swimming, internet chat, software collection and gaming” may not help if you’re going for well-roundedness
  • when emailing your resume, statements like “an anti-virus detection has been performed” tend to make me scan things twice, just in case
  • if you’re using an add-on to word that inserts helpful tips in the margins for help with grammar, etc. such as “Run on sentence”, you may want to consider turning off this feature when you print out your resume.
  • 5 pages may be a little on the long side for a resume.
  • statements like “my fall term average was 92% as a result of my hard working attitude and dedicated efforts” tend to make me giggle more than they impress me
  • when you’re 21, i’m not sure your resume should contain employment “highlights”
  • my spell checker doesn’t recognize the words “acticivites” or “sumamry”.
  • you may want to include more than “foosball” under extracurricular activities. even if you’re in a league. (they exist?)

if these tips save one employer from having to read through the utter shit i’ve had to read through over the past couple weeks, my work is done.

30 Mar 03

yeah, this week sucks

yeah. i’m still dreading this week in a big way – catching up after a week away is always difficult, and combined with the prospect of 50 interviews and looking for a new apartment…blah. in addition to this, i’m having a big-picture-crisis sorta day, as i seem to do every year at this time (gee, i wonder why that is). so, sorry to everyone i’ve talked to today.

30 Mar 03

i like anything that ends with -abilly

it’s really cool when a band dedicates a couple of songs to you, and says goodbye to you when you’re leaving…that is, unless it’s because you’re the only ones there when their set ends. that’s essentially what happened tonight: sofi and i went to see the sintones and by the time they played their last song, even the old people presumably staying at the nearby hotel who were sitting in the back had left. oh well, their loss…the sintones are a fun surf band and played 2 sets containing songs like the friendly giant theme song (sofi informs me that it has a name but i’m going to ignore her), puff the magic dragon and the wreck of the edmond fitzgerald.

anyway, it’s a lot of pressure to be the only ones clapping after each song, and it made me kinda sad for them. hopefully they made enough for gas money to drive back to toronto.

on another note, i picked up this week’s exclaim! magazine at the merchant tonight and the cover story was about the dears. you should read it.

29 Mar 03

i’ve got five dollars, but that’s enough

is there a band that has more fun and is more entertaining on stage than by divine right? i don’t think so. i love the fact that they give out tamborines and other noisemakers to the crowd to get everyone involved, and how they routinely walk through the crowd while playing – and the guy in the band wearing the awesome unicorn with rainbow background t-shirt didn’t hurt matters either. anyway, their set consisted of 90% new songs, most of which are very fun (and most of which i’d heard before somewhere along the line), and a good time was had by all – including by the middle aged people who were standing in front of us forever (tip: if you’re fifty, don’t wear leather pants).

28 Mar 03

i’m certifiable

i’ve noticed that, for some reason, big sugar seems to have stopped coming to kingston every second week recently. i’m not sure why this is, but i’m not exactly sorry. interestingly enough, by divine right seems to have seen fit to fill this void. tonight will mark the 5th time i’ve seen them in a little over a year (see here, here and here for 3 examples), and i’ve yet to get tired of their show. it’s always high energy with a pretty varied set list, and since they have a new album coming out in a couple months i’m hoping to get an advanced preview.

in other news, i received my certificate today thus proving that i completed a windows 2000/networking course. sen-sational. i’m totally dreading next week at work though – not only do i have to catch up on a week’s worth of work, but according to an email i received today, “we have 50 interviews scheduled between march 31st and april 9th”. oh man.

27 Mar 03

yet another senseless keyboard tragedy

know what i don’t like about my instructor? (well, one of the things…) he’s a very enthusiastic power typist. chances are if you’ve been around computer geeks enough, you know what i’m talking about – those guys who type with a flourish, beating the shit out of their keyboards to demonstrate that they are master of the computer and that they’re much smarter than you. the enter key always seems to take the biggest beating, as if hitting enter to register the current command is must be celebrated – a triumph over the binary demon. i sit in the back row of the class and i sometimes fear that his keys are gonna fly off and hit me. on a positive note, i’m getting REALLY good at windows 2000’s built in pinball game.

on another note, for the last two days i’ve been feeling pretty crappy…my sinuses have been really ick and i’ve been worried that i might actually be getting a cold (or worse) for the first time in a couple years. but, for dinner i had some “bowl noodle (hot)” soup and it seems to have cured me, for now anyway. i can breathe fine, i have no more sore throat, and the pressure in my head is gone. i hope it keeps up, and i strongly recommend hot soup’s curative principles to anyone who thinks they might be getting sick. (that reminds me of the time in grade 12 or so when my friends made homemade wine by fermenting grape juice – it kicked the shit out of my impending cold).

26 Mar 03

oh, war

the headline on today’s toronto star read “we’d be there for canada”, apparently a quote from a us ambassador.

if i were prime minister chretien, my response would’ve been:

25 Mar 03

two days down

two days of training down. today i learned how to add users to a windows 2000 domain. sigh. at one point i got bored and started to correct the instructor to amuse myself.

on the bright side, today WAS better than yesterday…the last hour of the day was new stuff. all i can say is, i’m glad i didn’t pay for the course.

oh: and i bought a suit today. how the hell didn’t i own a suit already?

24 Mar 03

learn me about computers!

training day #1 down, 4 to go. so far today, out of 7 hours of training, i learned one new thing in all of that time. i’m glad i signed up for the accelerated class.

now, i’m pretty sure i’m extra critical of instructors (for obvious reasons), but this guy needs some work. he knows his the course’s material really well (being an MCSE and all…ha!) but he’s so smug and arrogant, he says things without explaining them, and he complains about the boringness of some of the material. blah. he was also wearing a bright orange shirt with a black vest over top, and sports a lovely mustache. unforgivable, really.

i still have about 5 or 6 emails from today i haven’t gotten around to reading…out of a couple dozen. sigh. i wonder how many voicemails i’ll have waiting for me?

23 Mar 03

quick weekend summary

i’m not gonna write much again ’cause the backs of my eyes are hurty. ugh.

a quick summary of my weekend:

  • went to jo’s oscar party/bday party tonight, and ate lots of good potlucky food.
  • went to queen’s players last night and enjoyed the normal drunken fun that players brings. it was dirtier than normal, and i think the cast was the drunkest i’ve ever seen. fun.
  • went to sofi’s last ever night of djing at the toucan on friday night. it’s sad that she’s done, but it was a fun night. i think just about everyone i knew in kingston was there. and definitely, if you put friday, saturday and sunday nights together i saw everyone i know. cool.

i’m going on a week long networking training course starting tomorrow morning. i hope it doesn’t suck.

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