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15 Feb 03

and my holidays have begun

yesterday started out bad, but got better. i spent most of my day at work on the phone, talking to people with broken computers. any time i spend more than a couple of hours at that, i end up feeling pretty ick. sofi did make my day better though by bringing me lunch in a hello kitty lunch box (as she said, a grade three theme). mmm, baclava.

last night at the toucan was fun and valentine-themed: only songs containing “heart” or “love” in the title. and wow, there are a lot of good songs that meet those criteria.

it’s weird: everyone i know has gone away or will be going away this weekend. most of my friends went to montreal, with others choosing toronto or ottawa instead. oh well. i could use a bit of quiet time anyway. and i’m off work for a whole week, if you can imagine.

13 Feb 03


tomorrow’s my last day of work for a whole week if you can imagine. i suspect that my productivity will be on the low side, as a result. not that today was too much better…i couldn’t really get my brain in gear for some reason.

and i seem to be having that problem right now. no real stories from today, except that watching tonight’s survivor with a room full of people yielded a lot of yelling at the tv for a variety of reasons. if you saw it, you’ll know what i mean.

13 Feb 03

how to make coffee even BETTER

robin pointed this out to me yesterday:


12 Feb 03

shocking: chumptastic was down again

my apartment was without power for again today while they repaired the wiring they damaged last week…hence, chumptastic felt the effects. hopefully today will be the last time it’s down for that long for a while, barring any further unforeseen cogeco stupidness.

check out this fun and initially freaky website. it made me think for 3 or 4 minutes before i figured it out. once you’re done with that one, this is another good one.

tonight’s fun: finding as many songs with the word “heart” or “love” in the title. suggestions?

11 Feb 03

a further example of my geekiness, and other fun tales

that note i hung up in my lobby yesterday sorta worked. the hammerers didn’t start today til around 8, which was an improvement anyway. i’m pretty sure that waking up at 6:50 yesterday was the reason i was so spacey all day (including snubbing someone without even knowing it).

anyway, today’s weirdness involved the addition of a vending machine to the library, across from where my office is. keep in mind that the library has signs (not to mention a security guard) informing everyone of their strict no food or drink policy. true, the vending machine isn’t yet stocked, so maybe i’m jumping to conclusions that it will stock food. perhaps it will sell condoms: sex in the stacks! i was thinking about this this afternoon…their “be a smartie, visit the library” campaign or whatever it was called could be reworked to something like “be a smartie, have safe sex in the library”. easy.

oh yeah, and you’ll note that i’m a big geek and have added a “currently spinning” section to my main page. it’s tied in with winamp, so when it’s up and running that should change to match what i’m listening to. the next phase is a “last 10 songs” link, which shouldn’t take too long to slap together. perhaps i’ll do that later tonight.

so, i guess i don’t have to add my normal currently spinning line here anymore. how should i end my posts from now on? how about:

screw you

10 Feb 03

a reproduction of the note i left on my lobby’s bulletin board this morning

an open letter to the person who was hammering against my wall at 6:50 am:

please note that 6:50 am is for sleeping, not pounding against my wall. i thought this was self-evident, but apparently i was wrong.

thank you.

ps. it was considerate of you to stop at 7:30, when my alarm was to go off anyway.

09 Feb 03


nadia’s birthday pics have been added to the photo area. unfortunately, you must be priviledged enough to know the secret password (i.e. my mom’s dog’s name) to enter. the user name is chump, as expected.

so, if you’re not one of these priviledged people, and you don’t know how to reach me to ASK for the password…keep it moving, there’s nothing to see here.

currently spinning: math – you make me feel like i have cancer

09 Feb 03

i live with children

hmm. this is new:
the stairwell of my building between floors 3 and 4 smells like pot. i don’t even remember people smoking up the stairwells in residence. children.

currently spinning: tracksuit – letters home

09 Feb 03

in spaceships they won’t understand…

wow, last night is a great movie. i rented it last night with jo and andrea and enjoyed it thoroughly. chances are you haven’t heard of it (especially if you’re not so much canadian) but that shouldn’t stop you from renting it. today. i mean it. it’s about the last 6 hours before the end of the world and how various people spend that time. great.

other than watching that movie yesterday (as well as cocktail on the not-so-superstation afterwards and eating cookies that jo made) i didn’t really do a whole lot yesterday. i got much sleep though, which is a plus.

friday night was nadia’s bday celebration at the brew pub. i have a whole buncha pics that are still on my digital camera, but i’ll post them in the next day or two. one of the highlights of the night was on our way to the brew pub: i started walking ahead of the group with alex and kelly, and on the way stopped in at sofi’s for a second to drop off a cd. when i started walking again, the main group of people had already walked a few blocks past me…and i saw robin running towards me. they thought that they’d somehow managed to leave without me (was he in the bathroom when we left?) oops. nope, they didn’t ditch me…i ditched them temporarily. aside from that, the night was a good mix of cider, much cigarette smoke and joviality. nadia was amply rewarded for her bday, and i’m sure she was feeling wonderfully the next day.

i haven’t had a chance to post about thursday night yet, so i will now: sofi and i went to see the new deal at the elixir. first of all, it was only the 2nd time i’d seen a band at that place in about 5 years…when it was called the trasheteria they used to book the best bands (i saw thrush hermit, super friendz, pluto, made, inbreds, local rabbits, etc. there back in the good old days) so i had a bit of nostalgia. the new deal themselves are super talented and fun. they play live house/dance/whatever music, and it’s amazing when you realize that much of it is spontaneous and adlibbed. very fun to watch and listen to.

so…it’s another football-less sunday. i guess i’d better find something to do. or not.

currently spinning: dismemberment plan – what do you want me to say?

06 Feb 03

my interweb is working again

sigh. the power in my apartment was out all day, which is why chumptastic has been noticeably absent. apparently they nicked a wire that carries power to my apartment, which led to a breaker being tripped in the hallway (unfortunately behind a locked panel). the nicked wire won’t be replaced until monday at the earliest, so i was basically told to only use what’s essential. fantastic. so obviously i turned on chumptastic right away.

also interesting: i knocked on my neighbour’s door to see if they had power, and two people i’d never seen before answered…apparently my neighbour moved out. not that i knew her name, but at least i’d finally reached the stage of recognizing her when i got on the elevator with her (it’s embarassing to ask your next door neighbour “what floor?” when she gets on the elevator with you). as an added bonus, these two people seem to cook some pretty repulsive smelling things.

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