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27 Feb 03

i’m a batboy survivor

i saw the weirdest play of all time last night – batboy: the musical. the premise was that some kids were exploring a cave and found a creature that was part bat and part boy. a family raised him and taught him english, but the father was attempting to turn the town against him, blahblahblah. it was very predictable (to me anyway) and highschoolish, but the guy who played batboy was quite good, and the singing was (mostly) good as well. i suppose i had high hopes for the show ’cause it starred a ton of queen’s players people, and i was expecting a comedy – and instead i got something dark and just plain strange.

today at work was sub par. i love the fact that i spent a couple hours looking up warranty information for computers we purchased in 2001 – for the 3rd time. sigh. good thing it’s martini night.

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