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24 Feb 03

the last of the new york city ramblings

ah. i’m back. not that i ever REALLY abandoned chumptastic. man, i wish i’d taken a picture of that internet cafe we found: picture a massive 2 story room with hundreds of computers (approximately 20% of which are functional), complete with a zillion people (many of whom have BO, and who all seem to be playing a game or reading their hotmail), countless mcdonalds wrappers, and missing mice and/or keyboards. alas, i was afraid someone would’ve thought my photo may have captured their ultra personal email, thus causing them to permanently separate me from my camera.

anyway, work was a treat to come back to, as expected. my day flew by though, ’cause i spent most of it playing catch up and answering emails, etc.

so what did i do since i last posted? well, saturday afternoon was a bit of a bust. we were completely saturated by the rainstorm, and since the temperature was in the 3-4C range we were freezing. after shopping, we had originally intended to go to a museum, but after walking about 20 blocks we realized that we were just too wet and miserable to enjoy ourselves, so we went back to the hotel for something dry. on the bright side, it turns out that the museum we were looking for moved recently, contrary to all my maps. on the downside, that meant we left nyc without visiting a single museum. sigh.

saturday night was excellent. we had dinner with my true-to-life brooklynite friend sara and her boyfriend, and they took us to a super cool bohemian cafe on st. marks called the yaffa cafe. it had great food and a cool atmosphere. sara also showed us where some of the coolest record stores i’ve ever been in are, and consequently bought: pavement’s slanted & enchanted redux, the gerbils’ battle of electricity, apples in stereo’s velocity of sound, and the dismemberment plan’s emergency & i. i’m still kicking myself for not picking up some clinic cds i’d never heard of, but alas… after that, sofi and i went to cbgb’s and caught two bands we’d never heard of (a cool band called miami relatives, and a really shitty band called rayzing hell – picture a metal band with a woman lead singer, dressed in country and western attire).

sunday was a bit of a waste because we had to check out at 11, but our bus wasn’t scheduled ot leave until 2…so we only had 3 hours in which to do things. we wandered through the diamond district (picture 134971974914719 jewellery shops, as well as a lot of sketchy guys asking you randomly “wanna buy a diamond?” ’cause really, that’s how i do all of my jewellery buying: on the spur of the moment). we made stops at the nyc library and the empire state building (zero visibility of course), and wandered down 5th avenue…until it was time to get back to the hotel.

unfortunately, our bus was an hour and a half late arriving, so we sat in the lobby for hours waiting. then, of course, we were treated to a 2nd busride full of overenthusiastic drama kids singing showtunes, listening to j lo, and playing “i never”. sigh. i’m home now, safe and sound, and no one died. i think that’s a victory.

and that’s more than enough. no one’s read this far anyway.

[addendum: oops…i forgot to mention that i posted a buncha pics on my photo page]

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