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22 Feb 03

more new york fun

i’m back at the same crazy internet cafe, this time in an attempt to dry off. there’s a torrential downpour going on at the moment, thus putting a bit of a damper on our shopping day. i’m attempting to dry off a bit as i type this.

so yesterday was probably the most story-worthy day thus far. we went to see cabaret at studio 54 (which is cool enough)…but get this: it starred doogie howser (neil patrick harris), mr. cunningham (tom bosley), and debbie gibson! it was quite good, and gave me a major flashback.

celebrity sightings thus far: tracy morgan at olive garden (unfortunately we didn’t get him to do brian fellow for us), and what was apparently phil collins’ limo. tres excitant.

we spent quite a while yesterday on a tour bus, which was actually quite cool once we got a seat on the 2nd level and could see everything. our first tourguide was apparently a tourguide for the last 6 years but could barely speak english, and seemed intent to talk about his pants and bald head more than the surroundings. he did not receive a tip. i took a bunch of pictures on the tour, but i’m unsure how they turned out (lotsa bumps and lurches on the bus).

cbgb’s is tonight. and somewhere to stay dry for the rest of the afternoon.

and that is all.

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