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20 Feb 03

hey look, i’m in new york. and you’re not.

hey look, i’m in new york. i’m currently at the world’s craziest/crappiest internet cafe, and as a result i’m not going to write too much.

our bus ride was an 8 hour fun ride, consisting of watching last year’s tony awards and listening to gleeful drama kids shout every time they saw something musical related.

since i’ve been here, we’ve seen the following:
-daily show studio (bastards)
-brill building
-times square
-trump tower
-tiffany’s (sofi is no longer welcome here)
-nbc studios
-radio city music hall
-the plaza hotel
-central park
and other assorted funness.

and now i’m tired and sore because i’m old. and i shall depart.

2 Responses to “hey look, i’m in new york. and you’re not.”

  1. 1
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    you should have tried to get in to see conan.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    yes, we did. also: the daily show.


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