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18 Feb 03

like christmas, except crappier

so i was mp3izing a bunch of my older cds today, and i opened up my heavy blinkers case for the first time in 2 years. how do i know it’s been 2 years? well, let me tell you.

2 years ago i lost two cds: john critchley (jewel case and all) and fountains of wayne (i had the case but it was empty). about a year ago i came across john critchley in my mom’s 5 cd changer. it had apparently been there for a year, and she hadn’t noticed…but no fountains of wayne. so sometime in the last year i rebought a used copy of the cd. of course today, when i opened up my heavy blinkers cd, i discovered the long lost copy – lo and behold, i now have two. yes, i’m an idiot.

also, on an unrelated note: ew.

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Date: 1883

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