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17 Feb 03

furintures for sales

today began just as i imagined my first real vacation day beginning:
by being awoken a bit before 7 by someone hammering loudly. nothing says vacation like sleep deprivation. as i type this, the hammering (and occasional drilling) continues…and i have no proof of this but i’m pretty sure it’s taking place right inside my brain. [aside: does anyone remember the old radio free vestibule sketch: “there’s a phone in my brain! stop calling my brain! no, this isn’t the number for canadian airlines, they changed it. stop calling!”? no? didn’t think so.] anyway, if it wasn’t -33C outside right now, i’d be out of here in a second. also, i’m whiny.

so yesterday, i took a brief excursion to peterborough and surrounding area. my original intent was to watch el scotto play hockey, but that didn’t work out as i’d hoped (sorry scotto). so instead i visited chez mon pere and played with tim’s remote control lego robots (i wish i’d taken a picture) and watched nba and nascar with scott: the two best sports EVER. much mocking took place.

after my dad’s house i went to my mom’s and enjoyed kfc, and attempted to reinstall windows on her computer. it’s mostly done now, but it requires further software installation and thus another visit at some point.

on my way to my dad’s house i noticed a sign that said “b&g painting”. it was SO tempting to take a picture of it because it was quite possibly the worst painted sign ever, but it was far too cold to get out of my car. kristi also told me about a sign on lansdowne street in peterborough that says “tropical fish grooming” on it, but it was too dark by the time i left to take a picture of that either.

never fear though, i was able to capture this gem of a sign from my lobby:

(click on the picture for a blown up view of its ridiculousness).

now, there are so many great things about this sign:
-the use of the expression “bed flame”
-the use of the ikea symbol to apparently indicate quality (ikea: engrish for common sense)
-the fact that they’re selling book shelves, as well as a single book shelve
-the misspelling of furniture as “furinture” – and further complicating things by pluralizing it
-the obvious fact that they’d originally typed “furintures for sales” BUT realized their error and whited out the erroneous “s” in “sales” – because really, they didn’t want to hang up a sign with any spelling or grammar errors. that would just be embarassing. (i think that’s my favourite part of the sign.)

anyway, i’ve placed my orders.

one more interesting tidbit about yesterday: for those of you who missed it, millbrook ontario (home of scotto and tim, and i guess a few dozen others) was featured prominently on abc’s “the music man” last night. i captured photos of millbrook’s transformation during filming with my digital camera last year, and if you’re lucky enough to have my supersecret password, you should have a look.

and that’s more than enough typing.

2 Responses to “furintures for sales”

  1. 1
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    screw you! there are 1500 of us!

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    hey! i named YOU by name.
    it’s the other 1498 that should be offended.

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