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15 Feb 03

and my holidays have begun

yesterday started out bad, but got better. i spent most of my day at work on the phone, talking to people with broken computers. any time i spend more than a couple of hours at that, i end up feeling pretty ick. sofi did make my day better though by bringing me lunch in a hello kitty lunch box (as she said, a grade three theme). mmm, baclava.

last night at the toucan was fun and valentine-themed: only songs containing “heart” or “love” in the title. and wow, there are a lot of good songs that meet those criteria.

it’s weird: everyone i know has gone away or will be going away this weekend. most of my friends went to montreal, with others choosing toronto or ottawa instead. oh well. i could use a bit of quiet time anyway. and i’m off work for a whole week, if you can imagine.

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