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05 Feb 03

i’m a member of the culture club

to add some culture to my existence, i went to see a play tonight called hatched. the premise was essentially that a girl was born with wings and ended up in a travelling circus as a sort of trapeze artist, while a newspaper reporter was following her around trying to debunk the story. the play itself was interesting and well done, but what stood out to me was the cool lighting (they used strobes to simulate an old timey movie), set (extremely minimal but cool) and musicians (there were two of them to provide all of the music, plus the sound effects of trains, typewriters, old timey movie projectors, etc.) as a fun bonus, one of the characters was a cross between randy macho man savage and bruce mccullough playing his dad character on kids in the hall. anyway, i feel ever so cultured now. thanks for enlightening me, sofi.

and check this out…i stole it from a posting on‘s message board:

now, i’m no scientician…but……………

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    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    mach 18.3 apparently……..

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