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05 Feb 03

chandler for dean!

so, mitch and i were walking home from a lovely tim horton’s lunch when we stumbled across the following sign in the ghetto:

i have NO explanation for it but it made me laugh. (for those of you out-of-towners, queen’s principal is stepping down soon so there’s a search committee looking for his replacement. i’m not sure if they’ve sent much material nbc’s way though.)

why did i have my camera? because last night when i got home i noticed this great sign in my lobby with the heading “moving sale”. this guy wasn’t fucking around. his list was huge, and started with normal stuff: lamps, bookshelves, a tv, etc., all in the $10-$50 range. the last thing on the list: a ford focus for $10 grand. how bizarre is that? unfortunately, it was gone by the time i got back to my lobby with a camera. luckily david schwimmer stepped in to fill the void.

oh. and i got my haircut today. and yes, i got them all cut. hurhur.

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