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04 Feb 03

my tale of carelessness

there are three things in the world i’m excessively anal about:
1. i check and double check my alarm clock before going to bed
2. i hatehatehate being late for anything
3. i constantly check to see if i have my keys

if you’ve been reading chumptastic for a while, you’ll have noticed that sometimes my carelessness overwhelms my analness and #1 and #2 sometimes suffer (a good example was the day that my alarm didn’t go off and i was late to pick up andrea as a result – i felt pretty awful about that).

however, you should also take note that i’ve never lost/misplaced/forgotten my keys, thus resulting in me being locked out of my office, car or apartment. my apartment’s easy: to lock the door i need my keys, so i never lock them inside. i’ve also somehow managed to never lock my keys in my car (well, that’s not QUITE true…i sorta unintentionally closed the door of my firefly in the kitchener HMV parking lot several years ago, but i was able to climb in through the hatchback). and i’ve somehow managed to never lock my work keys (on a separate ring) in my office, or leave them at home on a work day.

yesterday, in fact, a guy i work with came into our office and mentioned that he’d lost his key ring with a whole bunch of keys on it, for work and home. while he was describing his plight, i kept thinking…wow, i’m glad that’s never happened to me. i have a LOT of keys on my work key ring you see.

i’m sure by now you’ve figured out where this is going.

so, i did a small tour of campus this morning and fixed a few computers along the way. i came back and went to pick up some lunch an hour or so later. when i returned to my office with food, i realized that my keys weren’t in my pockets. of course, this caused me to quickly retrace my steps this morning: when and where did i use my keys? the first thing i thought of was that i used them to lock up a computer in the basement of bracken library…could i have left my keys under the desk down there? that wouldn’t be so bad because it’s doubtful that anyone would’ve found them. but no, then i recalled that i opened up a cabinet in the middle of mac-corry – probably the busiest hallway on campus. i couldn’t get into my office to see if i’d somehow left them sitting on my desk, so i rushed over to mac-corry to see if i had done something incredibly stupid. the first thing i saw when i walked in the door was the cabinet still swung wide open, essentially inviting people to steal the computers inside…with the keys still dangling from the door. it’s a miracle that none of the hundreds of people that walked by (and USED) those computers swiped the keys, and wow, what a relief. i have a bunch of keys that probably shouldn’t be lost.

so how did this happen? for whatever reason, i’ve been completely unable to multitask all morning. when i was in mac corry, someone asked me something that pulled me away from what i was doing, and i never quite went back to it.

anyway, that’s my trauma of the morning. i think i’ll huddle in a corner until it’s time to go home.

ps. my quads hurt from doing the icy shuffle walk all the way to bracken.

4 Responses to “my tale of carelessness”

  1. 1
    cindy Says:

    You KNOW my eyes will be drawn to those machines and looking for dangling keys every time I walk past them now …

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    uh, if you see any please grab them. i wouldn’t put it past me to do it again.

  3. 3
    robin Says:

    so many to choose from!

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    this one looks right up my alley:

    or perhaps this one:

    anyway, i don’t think a western boot would’ve prevented today’s brain freeze.

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