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03 Feb 03

my weekly attempt at catching up

i’m tardy again with my posting. weekends do that to me. a thousand apologies. for the 2134982734329th straight week, here’s my weekend summary:

friday night: in lieu of the supers (lack of interest + busy friends = no go), i went to the toucan eventually and ended up having a pretty interesting night. a bunch of sofi’s housemates/friends showed up eventually, in various stages of sobriety, for my enjoyment. the highlight of the night was a 2:30 am run to pizza pizza which culminated in one drunk friend dropping her pizza in the parking lot snow to the delight of other pizza pizza customers, all of whom gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up when she began to eat it anyway. there was also the usual assortment of good music (although with a more heavy dose of ac/dc / sabbath than normal) and many drunken conversations.

saturday night: sofi and i went to see cadillac bill and the creeping bent, a surfabilly band, at the toucan. any high hopes were dashed when we heard cadillac bill’s unfortunate singing voice, although sofi DID point out that he looked an awful lot like douglas coupland. i got the feeling they put more effort/time/money into stage decorationy stuff than they did to improve their actually performance – loads of tinsel hanging from the ceiling, a bubble machine and a smoke machine. eh, maybe i’m being too hard on them. they were technically proficient with their instruments…but it’s just hard to get into a bunch of 40-somethings who can’t sing. they finished their first set with a deep purple cover (smoke on the water of course) which was kind of fun until cadillac bill decided it was necessary to start a fire on top of one of his amps, and continued to dump lighter fluid on it thus producing an ever increasing fireball. if i were the owner of the toucan i would’ve been really nervous about the close proximity of the fireball to the hanging tinsel. this was our cue to leave.

sunday afternoon: hockey’s all-star game was actually close this year, and i was treated to the musical stylings of sheryl crow, goo goo dolls and miami sound machine at the breaks. who said the NHL isn’t in touch with the pulse of today’s kids?

sunday night: jo and robin and i went to see punch drunk love. it’s still great the 2nd time around, and still makes very little sense. what’s that? you haven’t seen it? you should.

finally, everyone should check out true porn clerk stories, a blog of a struggling actress surviving by working in a video store. it’s definitely worth a look.

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