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28 Feb 03

don’t look up

it’s a bit on the dangerous side outside at the moment. any time i walk under a tree i’ve been cringing as icicles fall/crash all around me.

i’ll post a couple pictures of my previously ice encased car later on. it was a joy to scrape off.

27 Feb 03

i’m a batboy survivor

i saw the weirdest play of all time last night – batboy: the musical. the premise was that some kids were exploring a cave and found a creature that was part bat and part boy. a family raised him and taught him english, but the father was attempting to turn the town against him, blahblahblah. it was very predictable (to me anyway) and highschoolish, but the guy who played batboy was quite good, and the singing was (mostly) good as well. i suppose i had high hopes for the show ’cause it starred a ton of queen’s players people, and i was expecting a comedy – and instead i got something dark and just plain strange.

today at work was sub par. i love the fact that i spent a couple hours looking up warranty information for computers we purchased in 2001 – for the 3rd time. sigh. good thing it’s martini night.

25 Feb 03

my momseseses’ controllerseses

i was reinstalling windows for my mom last weekend and noticed something amusing in the device manager:

robin asked: “is that the flanderses’ computer?”

mitch likened it to usage of the term “breastses”.

i’m not clever enough to do either, so i’ll just laugh.

24 Feb 03

the last of the new york city ramblings

ah. i’m back. not that i ever REALLY abandoned chumptastic. man, i wish i’d taken a picture of that internet cafe we found: picture a massive 2 story room with hundreds of computers (approximately 20% of which are functional), complete with a zillion people (many of whom have BO, and who all seem to be playing a game or reading their hotmail), countless mcdonalds wrappers, and missing mice and/or keyboards. alas, i was afraid someone would’ve thought my photo may have captured their ultra personal email, thus causing them to permanently separate me from my camera.

anyway, work was a treat to come back to, as expected. my day flew by though, ’cause i spent most of it playing catch up and answering emails, etc.

so what did i do since i last posted? well, saturday afternoon was a bit of a bust. we were completely saturated by the rainstorm, and since the temperature was in the 3-4C range we were freezing. after shopping, we had originally intended to go to a museum, but after walking about 20 blocks we realized that we were just too wet and miserable to enjoy ourselves, so we went back to the hotel for something dry. on the bright side, it turns out that the museum we were looking for moved recently, contrary to all my maps. on the downside, that meant we left nyc without visiting a single museum. sigh.

saturday night was excellent. we had dinner with my true-to-life brooklynite friend sara and her boyfriend, and they took us to a super cool bohemian cafe on st. marks called the yaffa cafe. it had great food and a cool atmosphere. sara also showed us where some of the coolest record stores i’ve ever been in are, and consequently bought: pavement’s slanted & enchanted redux, the gerbils’ battle of electricity, apples in stereo’s velocity of sound, and the dismemberment plan’s emergency & i. i’m still kicking myself for not picking up some clinic cds i’d never heard of, but alas… after that, sofi and i went to cbgb’s and caught two bands we’d never heard of (a cool band called miami relatives, and a really shitty band called rayzing hell – picture a metal band with a woman lead singer, dressed in country and western attire).

sunday was a bit of a waste because we had to check out at 11, but our bus wasn’t scheduled ot leave until 2…so we only had 3 hours in which to do things. we wandered through the diamond district (picture 134971974914719 jewellery shops, as well as a lot of sketchy guys asking you randomly “wanna buy a diamond?” ’cause really, that’s how i do all of my jewellery buying: on the spur of the moment). we made stops at the nyc library and the empire state building (zero visibility of course), and wandered down 5th avenue…until it was time to get back to the hotel.

unfortunately, our bus was an hour and a half late arriving, so we sat in the lobby for hours waiting. then, of course, we were treated to a 2nd busride full of overenthusiastic drama kids singing showtunes, listening to j lo, and playing “i never”. sigh. i’m home now, safe and sound, and no one died. i think that’s a victory.

and that’s more than enough. no one’s read this far anyway.

[addendum: oops…i forgot to mention that i posted a buncha pics on my photo page]

24 Feb 03

late bus = tired me

hey look, i’m back in kingston…and i almost miss the drenchiness of new york. it’s cold and snowy and icy here, as i should have expected.

i’ll do a better recap tomorrow, and post pictures as well (i’m sure i have a bunch). and if i don’t post them, please bug me about it. the only thing i’ll say for now is that st. marks kicks ass. if i had more cash, i would’ve brought back more than the 4 cds i picked up. and that’s all for now. stupid late bus.

22 Feb 03

more new york fun

i’m back at the same crazy internet cafe, this time in an attempt to dry off. there’s a torrential downpour going on at the moment, thus putting a bit of a damper on our shopping day. i’m attempting to dry off a bit as i type this.

so yesterday was probably the most story-worthy day thus far. we went to see cabaret at studio 54 (which is cool enough)…but get this: it starred doogie howser (neil patrick harris), mr. cunningham (tom bosley), and debbie gibson! it was quite good, and gave me a major flashback.

celebrity sightings thus far: tracy morgan at olive garden (unfortunately we didn’t get him to do brian fellow for us), and what was apparently phil collins’ limo. tres excitant.

we spent quite a while yesterday on a tour bus, which was actually quite cool once we got a seat on the 2nd level and could see everything. our first tourguide was apparently a tourguide for the last 6 years but could barely speak english, and seemed intent to talk about his pants and bald head more than the surroundings. he did not receive a tip. i took a bunch of pictures on the tour, but i’m unsure how they turned out (lotsa bumps and lurches on the bus).

cbgb’s is tonight. and somewhere to stay dry for the rest of the afternoon.

and that is all.

20 Feb 03

hey look, i’m in new york. and you’re not.

hey look, i’m in new york. i’m currently at the world’s craziest/crappiest internet cafe, and as a result i’m not going to write too much.

our bus ride was an 8 hour fun ride, consisting of watching last year’s tony awards and listening to gleeful drama kids shout every time they saw something musical related.

since i’ve been here, we’ve seen the following:
-daily show studio (bastards)
-brill building
-times square
-trump tower
-tiffany’s (sofi is no longer welcome here)
-nbc studios
-radio city music hall
-the plaza hotel
-central park
and other assorted funness.

and now i’m tired and sore because i’m old. and i shall depart.

19 Feb 03

multiple personalities are so overdone

i’m writing this during a much needed break from the incessant hammering/drilling in my hallway. apparently when you remove the ceiling tiles, my hall gets exceptionally echoey. fun.

anyway, i finally saw adaptation last night. it was excellent, but i have one question:
is donald kaufman real?

today’s getting-ready-for-nyc day. must go errand now.

18 Feb 03

like christmas, except crappier

so i was mp3izing a bunch of my older cds today, and i opened up my heavy blinkers case for the first time in 2 years. how do i know it’s been 2 years? well, let me tell you.

2 years ago i lost two cds: john critchley (jewel case and all) and fountains of wayne (i had the case but it was empty). about a year ago i came across john critchley in my mom’s 5 cd changer. it had apparently been there for a year, and she hadn’t noticed…but no fountains of wayne. so sometime in the last year i rebought a used copy of the cd. of course today, when i opened up my heavy blinkers cd, i discovered the long lost copy – lo and behold, i now have two. yes, i’m an idiot.

also, on an unrelated note: ew.

17 Feb 03

furintures for sales

today began just as i imagined my first real vacation day beginning:
by being awoken a bit before 7 by someone hammering loudly. nothing says vacation like sleep deprivation. as i type this, the hammering (and occasional drilling) continues…and i have no proof of this but i’m pretty sure it’s taking place right inside my brain. [aside: does anyone remember the old radio free vestibule sketch: “there’s a phone in my brain! stop calling my brain! no, this isn’t the number for canadian airlines, they changed it. stop calling!”? no? didn’t think so.] anyway, if it wasn’t -33C outside right now, i’d be out of here in a second. also, i’m whiny.

so yesterday, i took a brief excursion to peterborough and surrounding area. my original intent was to watch el scotto play hockey, but that didn’t work out as i’d hoped (sorry scotto). so instead i visited chez mon pere and played with tim’s remote control lego robots (i wish i’d taken a picture) and watched nba and nascar with scott: the two best sports EVER. much mocking took place.

after my dad’s house i went to my mom’s and enjoyed kfc, and attempted to reinstall windows on her computer. it’s mostly done now, but it requires further software installation and thus another visit at some point.

on my way to my dad’s house i noticed a sign that said “b&g painting”. it was SO tempting to take a picture of it because it was quite possibly the worst painted sign ever, but it was far too cold to get out of my car. kristi also told me about a sign on lansdowne street in peterborough that says “tropical fish grooming” on it, but it was too dark by the time i left to take a picture of that either.

never fear though, i was able to capture this gem of a sign from my lobby:

(click on the picture for a blown up view of its ridiculousness).

now, there are so many great things about this sign:
-the use of the expression “bed flame”
-the use of the ikea symbol to apparently indicate quality (ikea: engrish for common sense)
-the fact that they’re selling book shelves, as well as a single book shelve
-the misspelling of furniture as “furinture” – and further complicating things by pluralizing it
-the obvious fact that they’d originally typed “furintures for sales” BUT realized their error and whited out the erroneous “s” in “sales” – because really, they didn’t want to hang up a sign with any spelling or grammar errors. that would just be embarassing. (i think that’s my favourite part of the sign.)

anyway, i’ve placed my orders.

one more interesting tidbit about yesterday: for those of you who missed it, millbrook ontario (home of scotto and tim, and i guess a few dozen others) was featured prominently on abc’s “the music man” last night. i captured photos of millbrook’s transformation during filming with my digital camera last year, and if you’re lucky enough to have my supersecret password, you should have a look.

and that’s more than enough typing.

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