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21 Jan 03

i’ll have a 6″ turkey on italian with cheddar cheese and stop fucking it up

subway: sandwich artists MY ASS.

19 Jan 03

nothing brings out kingstonians like a tragically hip rumour

ok, so the rumour of the year was that the tragically hip were going to be playing at a tiny on-campus pub last night – a secret addition to the craig northey show that was already booked. this rumour apparently got around ’cause there were several hundred people at the pub. now, i’m not taking anything away from craig northey (in fact, i wanted go before i heard about the hip), but if he thought that many people came to see just him, he was sorely mistaken. anyway, the hip DIDN’T play (although apparently 3 of them were in attendance…i could only see bobby baker from my vantage point), but craig put on a fun show including a bunch of old odds songs. as an added bonus, his backing band were two other members of the odds, and they were only a steven drake short of a full lineup. oh yeah: pics here and here.

friday night was also a good time: pretty much everyone i knew went to the annual golden words beer brewing extravaganza. i learned quickly that watching other people drink/judge beer is NOT a spectator sport, but there were enough other distractions to keep things interesting.

oh yeah…more skating this afternoon. no pictures this time, just some soreish feet and an hour worth of fun.

currently spinning: the liars – nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend

16 Jan 03

i’m facing an impending conviction apparently

i got the greatest letter today. here’s the header (and yes i know it’s blurry. deal with it.):

wow. toronto doesn’t fuck around. i got a parking ticket just before christmas when i went to visit sarah and kristina, and didn’t pay it until last week. had i not paid it, i may have ended up in a red chinese prison. [note: i can’t wait to find people searching for “red chinese” in my referer logs.]

one of the funniest things i’ve heard in ages, courtesy of aly:
“my printer is like that chunk of crappy ice that gets stuck in the wheel hub of your car. i just want to kick the shit out of it.”
that describes pretty much all of the equipment i deal with at work.

15 Jan 03

field trip to the groceteria

i’ve finally done it: i visited the infamous groceteria! and here’s proof:

(click on the image for a larger view of the grossness in all its splendor).

what a great name for anything food related. i also enjoyed the irony of the sign outside being pretty dim when the name of the groceteria is brite’s… but that’s just me. also: homer was right, good things DO end in -teria. brite’s boasts all the polish sausage you can eat. not to mention a classy boarded up window.

currently spinning: the constantines – national hum

15 Jan 03

fun with snow plows

to continue in my trend of having people over to watch movies, last night sofi came to watch bottle rocket. this in and of itself doesn’t make for a good story, but the drive home was an adventure. could someone please explain to me why on earth snow plows were plowing snow off the sides of the road/sidewalks and pushing it into the middle of the road, thus creating a couple foot high ridge separating the lanes? i’d never seen anything like it before: as sofi described it, there was “less snow REMOVAL than snow REDISTRIBUTION”. because the ridge was so high i couldn’t drive through it, and unfortunately someone had parked illegally on the side of johnson street, thus effectively blocking me in. it didn’t help that a car in front of us drove through a red light, and a guy walked across the road in front of us against a red light. presumably there was some complex system underway involving multiple snow removal vehicles unseen to my eye. or else it was just a make work project.

14 Jan 03

so whiny lately

if you’re looking to invent something, i propose that you develop an ice scraper that’s usable on the INSIDE of your windshield. i can’t believe how much ice was on the inside of my car’s windshield after work, and it took me forever to clear it off. fantastic.

14 Jan 03

it’s spelled havarti, you fool

i would like to begin this post by mentioning jo, who says that she was impressed to see her name in 2 straight postings. so, make it 3…and i’ll bold her name for the rest of this post. also: jo pointed out that i spelled “havarti” wrong the other day. tsk tsk.

so, i ask you: what is worse? blizzard-like conditions with blowing snow, but a temperature of near freezing? or a -21C day? i vote for the latter. today sucks ass. i think my eyeballs froze earlier.

i finally got around to rewatching minority report last night, with jo and andrea. it’s such a good movie i forget that it’s tom cruise in the lead role. but, not to be outdone: after that was over, we flipped over to the not-so-superstation and watched a bit of adventures in babysitting. i loved it when i saw it in the theatre at age 12 (and amazingly enough i remembered a bunch of it), but…the scene with elizabeth shue singing the blues was painful.

and did i mention that my day yesterday began with a meeting from 9 am – noon? not a good way to start any day, especially a monday.

oh yeah, and i’ve posted a few skating pictures, for those of you priviledged enough to know the supersecret password.

currently spinning: josh rouse – marvin gaye

13 Jan 03

blizzardy rant

oh good. i was done my posting and my window close before i could hit post. fabulous. take two:

i’m not such a fan of snow squalls, aka fucking blizzards, and this morning was no exception. my walk across the siberian tundran parking lot behind my building was somewhat less than pleasant, and when i arrived at the parking shuttle stop i noted that there were only 3 other people there waiting (while there are normally 20-30). when the shuttle arrived i realized why this was, as the remaining 27 people gradually climbed out of their warm cars and slowly trudged across the parking lot. to his credit, the driver is way more patient than i am, waiting 5 minutes before everyone was actually on the bus.

now, it may be the early morning talking, or perhaps it’s my own inherent bitterness, but listening to every second middle aged woman who got on the bus say some variation of “winter sure has arrived, huh?” to the driver made me want to…wait, what’s the equivalent of “poke my eyes out” when dealing with something you can hear?…regardless, i wanted to do that. it also didn’t help that the woman beside me spent the 10 minutes i was on the bus talking to the woman behind me about the pros and cons of having a main floor laundry room. here’s a sample:

annoying woman 1: it’s just so wonderful. no more climbing up and down stairs…it’s just so convenient!
annoying woman 2: but, where do you put all your ironing when it’s done? i don’t think i could deal with a laundry room that small.
annoying woman 1: well, you would have to change your style a bit, but it’s SO worth it!

and you know what? i don’t think i HAVE a laundry style.

anyway…yesterday was fun ’cause i finally got to go skating with real sharpened skates yesterday, avec robin, jo and andrea. pictures are to follow, once robin sends them to me. and getting them sharpened was more fun than expected…i sold that hardware store short. yes, they have video rentals, ice cream and hardware…but they also have dry cleaning, a coin operated laundromat, and an awesome sign that says “bait” above a fridge containing cott and rc cola. as robin said, they really do need to diversify.

anyway, my day calls.

11 Jan 03

hey look, i’m spoiled again

mmm, jo made andrea and me a yummy dinner last night: rainbow trout+potatoes with havardi and dill+broccoli…not to mention a yummy salad provided by andrea. why? because i’m quite spoiled. the original plan was dinner followed by my minority report dvd, but the movie didn’t quite materialize (3/4 of the client on the not-so-superstation was our replacement).

after showing up long enough to eat m&m-laced cookies at robin’s (and ducking out on the disappointing men in brooms), i arrived at the toucan around midnight, just in time to disassemble a cd player containing a very very jammed david bowie cd (in fact, it was jammed so oddly that it worked its way completely out of the back of the tray and was rattling around inside the case). other excitement: some random guy asking about songs: ohia. that made my night. everyone should go download captain badass by songs: ohia right now.

speaking of music: i’ve really liked in the aeroplane over the sea by neutral milk hotel for months, but i’d never actually listened to the entire thing sequentially before…and it’s even better! the tracks all overlap and flow together, and i’m a sucker for that. the dears’ protest ep does the same thing.

tonight: skate sharpening at the always fun video rental/hardware/ice cream parlour/skate sharpening place near my house. come for the sharpening, and bring home some wood screws, a tub of rocky road and a copy of freddie got fingerered!

10 Jan 03

thrilling: photos of me

i FINALLY got around to making an index for the zillions of digital pictures i’ve accumulated over the last several months. the catch? you gotta know me to look at them. the username is chump….the password is the name of my mom’s dog. i’ve also added a convenient link to this page on my all about me page, for future reference.

it’s all quite thrilling, i know.

Pronunciation: 'ch&mp
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps blend of chunk and lump
Date: 1883

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