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31 Jan 03

apparently i just witnessed the best rock and roll show of all time

robin fucking black can be summed up nicely by his final words at the end of the show: “thank you. we’ve been great.” their music was better than i expected, and the spectacle that is robin black and the irs was pretty much as i expected it to be. i took no pictures, but you can imagine a glam band pretty much covered in beer and sweat and you’ve got these guys. even the openers, obsidian, were better than expected. that makes two nights in a row i’ve seen a hard rock band, but at least obsidian are interesting. they also get bonus points ’cause they have one of the skate punks from high fidelity in their band – i swear he looks identical to him. i saw him at by divine right last night and commented on it then, and when he was in the band tonight i laughed.

will i make it a hat trick? tomorrow night’s the supers at the grad club… time will tell.

also: day off tomorrow!

ok, i’m beery (someone apparently spilled on my coat) and tired, so i’m off.

currently spinning: interpol – the new

3 Responses to “apparently i just witnessed the best rock and roll show of all time”

  1. 1
    pager Says:

    it would appear as though i finally fixed the non-updating comment total problem. so there, sofi.

  2. 2
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    robin black sucks.

  3. 3
    pager Says:

    i want you to say that to his face, scotto.

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