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30 Jan 03

i had a soul explosion again

last night marked the beginning of fun band week. for reasons i can’t quite comprehend, by divine right played aj’s hangar last night – a bizarre combination to be sure. first of all, the aj’s sign read “by devine right” (as did their website) which i’m sure impressed the band to no end. second of all, the opening act was loganseed, this hard rock shit band that i will be happy to never hear again. third, the clientele was about as un-indie as you can get (a lot of the people seemed to be people who go drinking at aj’s every wednesday – a nice mix of cougars and hub boys…and someone who might possibly have been dan aykroyd’s wife being groped by some gross pony tail guy).

anyway, by divine right put on a fun show as always (last night was the 4th time i’ve seen them in the last year, and they’re coming back again in march…how big sugaresque), even though they were a member short (colleen is apparently on tour with ron sexsmith and cold play at the moment, so they called her on stage and left her a noisy voicemail). highlights included the inclusion of stella heart ocean as their last real song, dillon playing bass while lying flat on his stomach with the guitar laying on the floor, a fantastic version of hugger of trees with some random guy from the audience kicking ass on the extra snares they always bring out for that song, and a bunch of really good new songs, some of which they played in december when i saw them. i’m pretty sure they’re the nicest band i’ve ever met – also the happiest and the highest. i think they’re all related.

tonight: robin fucking black and the intergalactic rock stars

currently spinning: piggy – don’t hurt my friends

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