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29 Jan 03

i’m not that strong with fuses

so last night, i had my first space heater incident. while laying in bed, all of a sudden my lights went out…as well as my computer, clock radio, and everything else in my bedroom. so, i got to play with my fuse box for the first time ever. yes, i have fuses. who still uses fuses? i ended up flipping them all around and still my lights didn’t go back on, so i went back to my room. i noted that my answering machine light was on, so i eventually realized that my power bar needed to be reset, blahblahblah. fast forward to this morning: when i opened my fridge, the light was off and i realized i didn’t screw its fuse in all the way. and when i got to work today i discovered i forgot to turn chumptastic back on. sigh.

more fun news: my sister got 3 job offers this week, and good ones at that. which is especially cool considering she’s been looking for a few months.

why is it that i hit my head on the ceiling of the parking shuttle EVERY TIME I’M ON IT? sometimes it’s the door on the way out. sometimes it’s the lights on the ceiling. sometimes it’s the bars you hold onto. you’d think i’d adapt after a few months, but apparently not.

currently spinning: sloan – lucky for me

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