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27 Jan 03

weekend roundup

rapidfire weekend summary:

friday night: swiss chalet with extra dipping sauce is where it’s at. i also watched 13 conversations about one thing (avec robin, jo, and robin’s housemates), which i quite enjoyed even though it wasn’t super memorable. it won’t be making any personal top 10 lists (except perhaps my top 10 favourite alan arkin movies – move over jerky boys!) but i’d still recommend it.

saturday afternoon: an attempt at sled shopping was foiled by terrible driving in snow squalls. i did, however, fix my computer fan finally (no more incessant shrieking) and managed to clean up my apartment significantly.

saturday night: yummy dinner at le black dog, followed by watched sean cullen on tape and sex and the city. [update: this was with sofi. and it was fabulous.]

sunday morning: i dug my car out of my completely unplowed parking lot. i borrowed the shovel of someone else who lives in my building, although he didn’t speak english and seemed really annoyed that i asked. we got significantly more snow than was forecasted and the driving was insane (one lane everywhere with pedestrians in the middle of the slippery street).

sunday evening: supahbowl party chez mitch, complete with nachos and an uncompetitive game. still fun though.

also: i was looking at the fantastic peterborough sucks page last night and noted that the chachified car on the main page is RIGHT by my mom’s house. i also perused the bulletin board and noticed that it appears our very own el scotto has been active on that page’s bulletin board: here and here, for example. however, scotto claims to be in oac english, and he also claims to have been to the kingston pita pit a month ago. i need clarification! or did i just bust a hole in your online persona?

yikes, work is calling.

2 Responses to “weekend roundup”

  1. 1
    el scotto the magnificent Says:

    i used to post on there under a different name, and i got kind of mocked that i was the youngest one there. *cries*

    and i don’t know why i said a month ago, i guess it was like 6 months ago, with you. the ptbo pita pit is really bad though, their chicken tastes awful. i convinced mom and dad to go, and they never want to go back again.

    and that’s weird that the car is from near your moms house. why would he go to crestwood then?

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    you’re a sham, page. excellent choice in avatars though…ralph’s the best.

    i doubt the car’s from near my mom’s…lotsa people drive down highway 7 (just after the end of the 115).

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