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19 Jan 03

nothing brings out kingstonians like a tragically hip rumour

ok, so the rumour of the year was that the tragically hip were going to be playing at a tiny on-campus pub last night – a secret addition to the craig northey show that was already booked. this rumour apparently got around ’cause there were several hundred people at the pub. now, i’m not taking anything away from craig northey (in fact, i wanted go before i heard about the hip), but if he thought that many people came to see just him, he was sorely mistaken. anyway, the hip DIDN’T play (although apparently 3 of them were in attendance…i could only see bobby baker from my vantage point), but craig put on a fun show including a bunch of old odds songs. as an added bonus, his backing band were two other members of the odds, and they were only a steven drake short of a full lineup. oh yeah: pics here and here.

friday night was also a good time: pretty much everyone i knew went to the annual golden words beer brewing extravaganza. i learned quickly that watching other people drink/judge beer is NOT a spectator sport, but there were enough other distractions to keep things interesting.

oh yeah…more skating this afternoon. no pictures this time, just some soreish feet and an hour worth of fun.

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