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14 Jan 03

so whiny lately

if you’re looking to invent something, i propose that you develop an ice scraper that’s usable on the INSIDE of your windshield. i can’t believe how much ice was on the inside of my car’s windshield after work, and it took me forever to clear it off. fantastic.

7 Responses to “so whiny lately”

  1. 1
    Sarah Says:

    There’s no ice in Vancouver. But then again, I don’t have a car either. Point: I have no car, and therefore no sympathy.

  2. 2
    pager Says:

    i’m ever so glad you took the time to post that. you may have no car, and no ice, but apparently you have plenty of time on your hands.

  3. 3
    Sarah Says:

    I hate you.

  4. 4
    pager Says:

    i know.

  5. 5
    robin Says:

    I hate you too!

  6. 6
    Sofi Says:

    Make that three haters of Rob.

    One more, and it’s a party!

  7. 7
    pager Says:

    on one hand, it’s nice of people to take the time to post comments on my blog.
    on the other hand, i’m currently holding back tears.

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